If you’re looking for a beautiful destination to discover exciting places and have an amazing experience, and you’re in need of a meaningful trip with plenty of time to relax with family and friends, then Vietnam is a place you shouldn’t miss. However, if you don’t have much travel experience or enough time to prepare for your trip, Viet Nam tour service – Athai Travel will assist you with everything you need to have the most complete and satisfying trip.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

1. Essential travel items that you should not forget


Passport is the first necessary document you need to have when traveling abroad (for any purpose). It can be considered as an identity card but it has a global value. According to regulations, when traveling abroad for tourism, your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. If you are planning to go abroad and do not have a passport yet, contact the Immigration Department (under the local police in the province/city where you reside) to apply.
One thing to note for those who already have a passport is to check if it is damaged, torn, etc. If so, report it to the Immigration Department where you applied for your passport, and request a replacement.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling


Except for countries that have agreements to exempt visas for Vietnamese passport holders, all other countries require tourists to have a visa when entering their country. To obtain a visa, you need to go through the visa application process at the Embassy or Consulate General.
Foreigners who are currently abroad and wish to enter Vietnam can directly apply for an e visa to Vietnam or go through an inviting organization or individual for sponsorship. The Vietnam e-visa is valid for a single entry and has a duration of no more than 30 days.
Visa application procedures vary from country to country, and the difficulty of obtaining a visa also varies. Some countries that are difficult to obtain visas for include the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, South Korea, and Macau.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Wallet and bank card

Wallets and bank cards are essential items that you must prepare and check carefully before traveling. They are necessary for you to pay for your travel expenses. You should prepare both cash and money in your ATM account higher than your initial spending plan because unexpected expenses may occur.
If you travel abroad, you can go to the bank to exchange money in advance instead of exchanging money at the airport, as the fee will be lower.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling


You should learn more about items that are not allowed on the plane and organize your belongings appropriately in Vietnam day tours: what to pack in your carry-on luggage and what to pack in your checked luggage.
Carry-on luggage: according to the regulations of airlines, Business class passengers are allowed to bring 02 pieces of carry-on luggage, while Economy class passengers are allowed to bring 01 pieces of carry-on luggage, each with a weight not exceeding 7kg and a size not exceeding 56 x 36 x 23 cm (22 × 14 × 9 inches).
Checked luggage: depending on the airline, service class, and flight segment, there will be different regulations for checked luggage. Usually, low-cost airlines will charge for checked luggage, while other airlines will offer a certain weight of checked luggage for free.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Travel guidebooks and tourist maps

Whether you’re on a packaged best Vietnam tour or traveling independently, travel guidebooks and tourist maps are always necessary. Guidebooks can be purchased at bookstores, while maps can be obtained at the airport.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

2. Basic tips for preparing for Viet Nam tour service

Choosing the best tour company in Vietnam

Choosing a “reputable” travel company – Vietnam guided tours are very important. The concept of “reputation” is actually quite difficult for first-time travelers to verify. Therefore, you should pay attention to the following identifying features to determine whether a tour company is reputable or not.
Clear “identity”: The identity of a reputable tour company is a clear address and a transparent website (registered with the Ministry of Industry and Trade). The website clearly indicates the address of the headquarters, office, landline, mobile phone, email, fax… All contents of tours of Vietnam, prices, itineraries, departure times, terms and conditions for specific customers such as children, air tickets, airport transfers… must be publicly and clearly displayed on the website or Vietnam group tours.
Long-term existence: Before registering for the best Vietnam tour, travelers should also look into the history of the formation and development of the company. Of course, a company doing honest and legitimate business will exist and develop for a long time, not changing names and constantly changing office addresses… A company with a long-standing existence will naturally have a better brand and reliability than a newly established company.
Professional working style: A company doing honest and legitimate business will surely be able to train professional employees. Through the way Vietnam tour guides work when customers book tours, customers can somewhat judge whether the company is of high quality or a scam company.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Choosing a Viet Nam tour service that suits your travel needs

There are often a few travel companies willing to sell Viet Nam tour services at very cheap prices to tourists, but in doing so, they may have reduced the quality of services and cut back on some services that tourists may need to balance the Vietnam tour cost. Therefore, if you see a Vietnam tour company providing Tour prices that are too cheap compared to many other companies, you should also ask questions.
So, if you want to go on a quality Tour, the amount of money you spend must correspond to the value of the Tour. Don’t be tempted by cheap Tours and receive boring Tours or Tours with nothing interesting. Conversely, there are also companies with luxury Vietnam tours and higher prices, but they guarantee to make you feel very satisfied and worth the amount of money you have paid.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Learn about Vietnamese culture and laws

Cultural and legal differences are among the common reasons leading to misunderstandings between locals and tourists. In some cases, locals may even feel offended.
When you come to Vietnam, a country with friendly people and a culture that is open to the world, preparing some knowledge about the culture beforehand will make your Vietnam tour more convenient and meaningful.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Purchase travel insurance

After packing all the necessary items into your suitcase, don’t forget one essential item for every trip: international travel insurance. Many people overlook this important factor, feeling it is unnecessary. However, when something unexpected happens, they may regret not having enough budget or language proficiency to handle it.
In some cases, foreign travel insurance is mandatory when applying for a visa to enter another country, such as Australia. If you have never purchased this product before, you can refer to some little-known tips when buying travel insurance to ensure your rights and benefits are protected.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

3. 10 best places to visit in Vietnam

Welcome to Vietnam! Currently, many tour operators are providing Viet Nam tour service, so choosing a reputable tour provider is essential to ensure you have the best Vietnam experience.


If we could use a few words to describe Sapa, it would be stunning, mysterious, and pristine. The air here is extremely cool, pure, and fresh. If you visit Sapa during the blooming season of the white plum flowers, you will be amazed as if you were lost in paradise.
Quiet and humble, yet full of challenges and adventures to explore, that’s what makes Sapa stand out. Here, you can also learn about the diverse cultures of many highland ethnic groups, which are incredibly unique, and try their delicious and exotic cuisine.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Viet Nam tour service – Hue Citadel

Have you heard of Hue, a land of gentle beauty embodied by the traditional Ao dai dress, conical hats, and the charming appearance of Hue girls, with their gracious culture and picturesque scenery? If you visit Hue, don’t forget to stop by the Hue Citadel, a place of great historical significance.
The Hue Citadel has been home to numerous kings throughout history, and you will discover many fascinating things here, especially the superb Hue cuisine, which is particularly appealing to spicy food lovers.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Phan Thiet

When it comes to Phan Thiet – Mui Ne, one might think of an idyllic place with golden sunshine and gentle sea breezes, endless turquoise beaches, and dazzling white sand dunes, which resemble a beautiful poem of nature that can captivate anyone who has ever visited. Don’t hesitate to come to one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, where you can also find luxurious resorts that are perfect for your family vacation.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Phu Quoc Island Tour to Discover Beautiful Seaside Area

Viet Nam tour service – Phu Quoc tourism is the choice of many tourists, where you can choose a one-day or multi-day tour depending on your needs. This island is favored by nature with its magnificent scenery and many beaches that are dubbed the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. Phu Quoc tours usually combine visiting destinations such as Bai Dai, Bai Sao, VinWonders Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc, Grand World, and more.
Located near the southernmost tip of the country, Phu Quoc still retains its wild beauty with turquoise beaches, white sandy shores, and rows of swaying coconut trees in the wind. It is an ideal resort destination because of the “breath” and “pure life” of nature that can help you heal the tiredness of daily life. Here, you can rent apartments, and enjoy interesting experiences and facilities that are as comfortable as your own home.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Nha Trang Tour – Top Beautiful Gulf Destination in the World

Viet Nam tour service – Nha Trang, dubbed as the most charming city in the world, always attracts a lot of attention from tourists, hence Nha Trang tours are highly sought after. This city boasts many beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and golden sunshine. Tourists can choose to take a 4-island tour to visit Hon Tre, Hon Tam, Hon Mun, Hon Mot or connect with famous destinations such as VinWonders Nha Trang, Hon Mun Island, Ponagar Tower…
Next is a super beautiful beach, with blue water and white sand, which has an extremely clean environment. Moreover, you can also visit islands far offshore, which is really interesting.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Da Nang – Hoi An

When it comes to the central region, Da Nang-Hoi An is the most popular destination. Da Nang is rapidly developing, and visitors can stay at modern resorts and 5-star hotels along the beautiful Da Nang coast.
While in Da Nang, you cannot miss Hoi An Old Town. Regardless of how busy and modern life is outside, Hoi An Old Town still retains a relaxed and tranquil atmosphere. It is a perfect place to return to childhood memories and a Vietnam experience a peaceful life.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Ha Long Bay Tour – Witnessing a World Wonder

Ha Long Bay is one of the famous tourist destinations in the North of Vietnam, renowned as one of the seven most beautiful natural wonders of the world. With thousands of small and large islands, the scenery in Ha Long Bay mesmerizes tourists. In addition, this is also the place where you can enjoy fresh and delicious seafood during your trip. For tourists seeking tours near Hanoi, Ha Long Bay is a suitable destination that you can consider.
Viet Nam tour service – Ha Long Bay can be considered an artistic masterpiece created by nature, which makes tourists both fascinated and bewildered. Visiting Ha Long Bay will allow you to experience the exquisite artistic creations and talents of nature, as it transforms thousands of motionless rock islands into stunning sculptures.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Dalat City

Dalat is a dreamy city that will make you gasp with its enchanting beauty if you ever set foot here. The white mist drifting, the pine forests spreading endlessly, and the absence of traffic lights make life in Dalat slow and peaceful. You will wish you could stay longer in this city, where the air is fresh and cool, the breeze is gentle, and the cuisine is special with fresh and unusual fruits and vegetables.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Phu Quoc Island

Viet Nam tour service – Phu Quoc is a stunning tourist destination in Vietnam, boasting beautiful and unspoiled beaches. What sets Phu Quoc apart is its diverse range of tourism activities, abundant marine and island resources, and diverse forest and marine ecosystems. Visitors can enjoy many beautiful and exciting places such as Rach Vem, Bai Sao, Bai Truong, Ganh Dau Cape, Dinh Cau Cape, Vinpearl Safari, Phu Quoc Prison, Phu Quoc Night Market, Hon Thom, and Hon May Rut.
Located near the southernmost point of the country, Phu Quoc still retains its pristine beauty with deep blue beaches, white sandy shores, and lush forests swaying in the wind. It’s an ideal resort destination where the “breath” and “pure life” of nature will help heal your tiredness from daily life. Here, you can rent comfortable apartments and enjoy exciting amenities just like at home.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

Cà Mau Land

The land of rolling waves and warm-hearted people, Cà Mau is a place of great charm. Visitors can explore the floating market and historical sites here. As the southernmost province in Vietnam, this land is full of love and hospitality. Of particular note is the delicious Western cuisine, which is simply mouth-watering. The rustic dishes are a unique specialty. When you come here, you will only feel joy and peace. Don’t miss the chance to visit this land at the end of the country.
Vietnam is such a beautiful country, with its lush forests and shimmering seas that are like heaven on earth. To have a complete travel experience, you can refer to travel websites or travel companies, which always meet the demands of a trip. All necessary information will be provided to visitors quickly and effectively.
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling

4. Athai Travel – Best Vietnam tour operators

With more than 10 years of development, Athai Travel – Vietnam tour agency has gradually established its brand in the competitive tourism market in Vietnam.
We always create diverse and humane best Vietnam tour packages for every Vietnamese family with “Original value – High quality”, aiming to convey the beauty of scenic spots, unique cultural traits, and human achievements in all aspects to customers.
Moreover, Viet Nam tour service – Athai Travel is also a connecting unit, leading and bringing exciting experiences to tourists in each journey to the beautiful regions of Vietnam and the civilizations of countries worldwide.
Athai Travel always aims to meet diverse customer needs and flexibly implements many types of tours according to the requirements and preferences of each trip that customers desire. These types of tours are diverse based on the geographical features, purposes, activities, and cultural characteristics of each region. You can choose to experience an 8 day Vietnam itinerary or 3 tours in Vietnam according to your own plan and preference. Specifically, Athai Travel offers a variety of Vietnam holiday tours, including:
  • North Vietnam tours 2023
  • Hanoi tours Vietnam
  • Da Nang Vietnam tours
  • Saigon tours Vietnam
  • Small group tours Vietnam
  • Vietnam motorbike tours
  • Vietnam backstreet tours
  • Vietnam hiking tours
  • Vietnam jeep tours
  • Jungle tours Vietnam
  • Mekong river tours Vietnam
  • Vietnam luxury golf tours
Viet Nam tour service - Tips You Need to Know Before Traveling
Viet Nam tour service promises to bring you fun and exciting experiences, discovering many destinations at affordable prices. For first-time travelers, choosing to go on a tour is also reasonable, as Vietnam tours package will help you have a meaningful journey, full of joy.

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