Alongside the majestic natural landscapes, Vietnam also possesses many notable spiritual destinations. Catholic churches tours in Vietnam will take you to unique places, from ancient and historical churches in Hanoi and Nam Dinh to contemporary architectural masterpieces.

Embark on a tour of a Catholic Church in Vietnam and discover beautiful and profound religious sites. With each step, you will find peace and connection with the spiritual realm through these Catholic churches.

Catholic churches tours in Vietnam

Overview of Catholic churches tours in Vietnam

Catholicism is one of the major religions in Vietnam. It has a long history and profound influence on the religious and cultural life of the people. Introduced to Vietnam in the 16th century, Catholicism has become an integral part of the faithful community, contributing to the country’s cultural development.

Catholicism in Vietnam has unique cultural characteristics, combining Catholic beliefs with traditional cultural values. Religious festivals such as Easter and Christmas are essential occasions in the year. The ceremonies attract many people to participate and share joy and gratitude for their faith.

In recent years, as tourism has developed further, Catholic church tours have expanded with many attractive tours for believers. Besides visiting beautiful churches, visitors will also have the opportunity to interact with the Catholic population in Vietnam.

Catholic church travel will provide you with a deep understanding of the history of Catholicism in Vietnam and the religious practices of the Catholic community. You will learn about the development and influence of Catholicism in Vietnamese society over time.

Catholic church tours in Vietnam offer a unique experience for travelers who want to explore the architectural beauty of churches and the country’s religious history.

Top Catholic Churches Tours in Vietnam

Explore the list of Catholic churches in Vietnam below to have wonderful destinations in Catholic churches tours in Vietnam.

Catholic Church in Hanoi, Vietnam

Touring Catholic churches in Hanoi will also give you a profound insight into Vietnam’s capital city’s religious life and spirituality. You can participate in spiritual activities such as attending prayer services, listening to scripture, and learning about the Catholic faith and practices.

  • St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi (Cathedral of St. Joseph): This church is one of the city’s famous architectural landmarks and symbols, built in 1882. The church carries historical and religious significance with its French architecture reminiscent of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.
  • Hanoi Church: This long-standing church is known for its harmonious and beautiful architecture. Located in the city center, Hanoi Church attracts many tourists and Catholic faithful who come to visit and pray.
  • Hoa Binh Church: Situated on Ba Trieu Street, Hoa Binh Church has unique architecture combining Indochinese and Classical styles. This church is one of the religious attractions that attract tourists and the Catholic faithful for prayer and visitation.
  • Holy Family Church: Located on Nui Truc Street, Holy Family Church features modern and exquisite architecture. Built-in 2010, this church is a new and captivating religious destination that attracts visitors.

Catholic churches tours in Vietnam also provide an opportunity to learn about the interplay and intersection of Catholicism with traditional Vietnamese culture. You can witness the fusion of local and international elements in these churches’ rituals and religious activities.

St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi (Cathedral of St. Joseph)

Catholic church in Sapa, Vietnam

In addition to focusing on churches, Catholic church tours in Sapa offer the magnificent natural beauty of the highlands. You can explore terraced fields, waterfalls, traditional villages, and trekking activities.

Sapa Church (also known as St. Rosa of Lima Church) is an important religious structure and symbol in the town of Sapa. The church was inaugurated in 1895, several years after construction began in the late 19th century. The architecture of Sapa Church bears French influences and is constructed with stone and wood.

Perched on a hill, Sapa Church offers a breathtaking panoramic view of Sapa and the surrounding terraced fields. With its stunning location, Sapa Church has become a favorite destination for tourists and Catholic faithful to visit and pray.

Sapa Church is a sacred place where the local Catholic community gathers for religious ceremonies and prayer. Visitors can explore the church, learn about its history and religious significance, and experience this spiritual space’s solemn and tranquil atmosphere.

This Catholic churches tours in Vietnam will surely not disappoint. Catholic devotees can embark on a spiritual pilgrimage while traveling to the churches.

Sapa Church (also known as St. Rosa of Lima Church) is an important religious structure

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Catholic church in Hue, Vietnam

Hue, the renowned city of history and culture in Vietnam, also boasts noteworthy Catholic churches. The city showcases the beauty of impressive natural landscapes and carries unique spiritual characteristics from ancient times.

Here are some Catholic church tourist spots in Hue that you can explore:

  • Hue Cathedral (Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral): Built-in 1895, Hue Cathedral is an architectural masterpiece with a distinctive Gothic style. The cathedral is located in the heart of Hue and is considered one of the city’s important landmarks.
  • Phuoc Hung Church: This church is the most beautiful in Hue. The church’s harmonious architecture and elegant interior attract visitors with its serene and peaceful ambiance.

When participating in Catholic church tours in Hue, you will discover many interesting aspects of spiritual sites. Your prayer sessions will also follow the unique practices of Vietnamese Catholics.

Catholic church in Da Nang, Vietnam

Catholic churches tours in Vietnam in Da Nang provide a great opportunity to explore special religious sites in the city. Da Nang is a dynamic and developed city, home to beautiful and meaningful Catholic churches.

Here are some famous Catholic churches in Da Nang that you can visit:

  • Da Nang Chicken Church: This church stands out with its distinctive chicken-shaped structure and high dome on the roof. Built-in 1923, Da Nang Chicken Church holds special historical value and is one of the famous architectural landmarks in the city.
  • Phu Thuong Church: The church features modern architecture with characteristics of the Central Vietnamese region. Built with meticulous arrangements of bricks, the church is constructed with sturdy columns. Phu Thuong Church serves as the focal point of the local Catholic community, organizing religious activities and prayer sessions.
  • Evangelical Church: Its open space and emphasis on tranquility provides a space for prayer and worship. It is one of the important Evangelical religious facilities in Da Nang, serving the local Evangelical community and their religious and social activities.
  • Thanh Duc Church: Built in a European architectural style with tall columns and vaults, Thanh Duc Church creates a solemn and peaceful atmosphere. It is one of the significant religious sites in Da Nang and attracts the interest of the Catholic community.

In addition to religious activities, Da Nang is famous for its stunning landscapes, long beaches, and diverse cuisine. You can combine your Catholic church tour with other tourist attractions.

You can participate in prayer services, listen to scripture, or even engage in social activities of the parish. This allows you to interact with the local Catholic community, gain a deeper understanding of faith, and observe the religious practices of the people of Da Nang.

Whether you are a devoted Catholic or simply curious to explore and learn more about Catholicism, this tour will offer you a unique spiritual experience.

Catholic churches tours in Vietnam in Da Nang provide a great opportunity to explore special religious sites

Catholic church in Saigon Vietnam

Touring Catholic churches in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is an exciting experience to discover this vibrant city. Here are three prominent Catholic churches that you can explore in Catholic church tours in Vietnam:

  • Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral: The most important destination when visiting Catholic churches in Saigon. With its unique Gothic-style architecture, Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral is the city’s cultural and religious icon.
  • Tan Dinh Church: Built-in 1870, Tan Dinh Church features magnificent and distinctive architecture. The predominant pink color of the church makes it eye-catching and attractive to visitors.
  • Huyen Sy Church: With classical French architecture, Huyen Sy Church is a noteworthy tourist spot. Located in the city center, this church hosts many important religious activities.

Touring Catholic churches in Saigon will provide you with a deep understanding of this city’s culture, architecture, and Catholic practices. You can also enjoy the peaceful ambiance and learn more about the faith and religious lifestyle of the local people.

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What should you notice about Catholic church tours in Vietnam?

When participating in Catholic church tours in Vietnam, there are a few things you should keep in mind for the best experience:

  • Visiting hours: Make sure you know the schedule and visiting hours of the tour to plan your time accordingly and avoid rushing.
  • Dress code: When visiting churches, dress modestly and respectfully. Avoid wearing too short or revealing clothes. It’s recommended to carry a covering scarf when needed.
  • Respect the ceremonies: During the tour, respect ongoing religious ceremonies and festivals. Avoid making noise or disturbing others.
  • Photography: Before taking photos, check if photography is prohibited. If allowed, be mindful not to inconvenience others and adhere to the guidelines for photography in the religious space.
  • Follow the tour guide: Listen to and follow the tour guide’s instructions. They will provide detailed information about the attractions, history, and religious practices at the churches.
  • Respect beliefs and locals: Respect the beliefs and religious pray of the local people. Follow the rules of the places you visit.

Remember that Catholic church tours are not only about exploring architecture and history but also an opportunity to understand and respect the faith and religious culture of the local people.


What percentage of Vietnam is Catholic?

According to the 2019 General Census, 16 recognized religions are operating in Vietnam. The total number of religious followers is 13.2 million, accounting for 13.7% of the population. Among them, the Catholic religion has the largest number of followers, with 5.9 million, accounting for 44.6% of the total religious followers and 6.1% of the total population.

Catholic church tours in Vietnam

Where is the Queen of Vietnam Catholic Church?

The Mary Queen of Vietnam Church, also known as M.Q.V. Church, is a famous Catholic church located in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. It is like a cultural and spiritual center for the Vietnamese Catholic community in the Greater New Orleans area.

The church was established in 1985 to meet the increasing number of Vietnamese immigrants settling in the area after the Vietnam War. It was built as a symbol of faith, community, and cultural preservation.

The church’s architecture reflects the traditional design elements of Vietnam, with vibrant colors and intricate details. It serves as a gathering place for the Vietnamese Catholic community, providing spiritual guidance, religious education, and support to its members.

The Mary Queen of Vietnam Church is an emblem of resilience, faith, and cultural identity of the Vietnamese Catholic community in New Orleans. It continues to be a cherished place of worship and a symbol of unity and strength for the Vietnamese community there.

How to find 9 am Catholic Mass near me?

Finding Vietnamese Catholic churches near you is not difficult. You can find a Catholic church for your Catholic church tours in several ways. To find a 9 am Catholic Mass near your location, here are some helpful tips for you:

  • Use online search tools: Use search engines like Google or location-based search websites to find churches near you. Type keywords such as “church” or “Catholic church” along with your area name or address into the search tool. The results will list the churches in that area.
  • Use mobile apps: Many mobile apps like Google Maps, Apple Maps, or other location-based search apps can help you search and locate nearby churches. Enter keywords such as “church” or “Catholic church” and activate the location feature for the app to display results near you.
  • Contact the local diocese: If you can’t find information online, you can contact the local diocese or local Catholic organizations to inquire about churches in your area. They can provide you with a list of churches, contact information, and liturgical schedules.
  • Ask local residents: You can also ask local residents or friends and family members who know the area’s churches. They may provide specific information and directions to the nearest church.

Following these methods will give you a great Catholic churches tours in Vietnam. If you don’t want to waste time searching and gathering information, you can contact Athai Travel. This professional travel company will help you plan your itinerary and have visits and prayers at Catholic churches in Vietnam.

Instead of worrying about Vatican tour costs, just enjoy your Catholic churches tours in Vietnam!

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