Ha Giang, the northernmost province of Vietnam, always holds a mysterious attraction to tourists from all over the world. When it comes to Ha Giang, you might immediately think of winding mountain passes, simple and peaceful villages shrouded in mist, or the magnificent scenery of the purple triangular circuit flowers season…

So, do you know all about the beautiful scenery of Ha Giang yet? If not, let’s explore the most alluring landscapes of this land with Athai Travel right now!
Discover beautiful natural landscape in Ha Giang – Viet Nam – An irresistible beauty that cannot be missed!

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

1. How To Get To Ha Giang?

The roads to Ha Giang are steep and winding, which can be quite dangerous. Especially when traveling Ha Giang tour from Ha Noi, Ha Noi to Ha Giang distance is about 300 kilometers. It takes you 7-10 hours to go.

So, how about Ha Giang Sapa tour? This distance is shorter than Ha Noi Ha Giang tour, about 200 kilometers. However, you can still travel here by bus, car, or motorbike.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Bus And Car

The safest and most convenient way to get to Ha Giang is by taking a bus or driving your own car. The best time to depart is around 9 p.m. and you will arrive in Ha Giang at around 5 a.m. the next day.

After arriving in Ha Giang VietNam, you can either take a local bus or rent a motorbike to travel between tourist destinations. If you have car, you can visit Ha Giang tour by car. Don’t forget to bring your personal identification documents with you.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Traveling To Hà Giang By Motorbike

If you are an adventurous person who likes to conquer winding roads, you can choose to travel by motorbike to have the freedom throughout your journey. Ha Giang motorbike tour is also interesting, you try!

Hai Trieu suggests some routes from Hanoi to Ha Giang that you can refer to: After arriving in Ha Giang, you can rent a motorbike or join a tour group to explore Ha Giang amazing tour.

Typically, tourists choose to travel by coach to Ha Giang from the night before, sleep on the bus, and arrive in Ha Giang around 5am the next day. When you arrive in Ha Giang, you can have breakfast and then rent a motorbike to go around from Ha Giang to Dong Van, Meo Vac, Lung Cu Flagpole, and return to Yen Minh before returning to Ha Giang city.

All the roads are Ha Giang loop tour photos. Ha Giang loop tour reviews are highly appreciated, known and challenged by many people. Going all roads is like Ha Giang loop tour 2 days. As the road from Ha Giang to Dong Van passes through most of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Ha Giang.

You can also rent a coach with a large group from Hanoi straight to Dong Van (having lunch in Ha Giang city), but in that case, you will miss many beautiful scenic spots of Ha Giang on the way.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

2. When Is The Best Time To Travel To Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is beautiful in every season, and each season has its unique charm that sets it apart from the others. If you are wondering which season is the best to visit Ha Giang, the answer is that any time is a good time, and you can visit Ha Giang at any time of your choosing.

Spring – A Season Of Blooming Flowers

In the spring, when you go on a Ha Giang adventure tour, you will witness the breathtaking beauty of the blooming flowers. The cherry and peach blossoms blanket the sky in white and pink, creating a stunning landscape in the high mountain ranges.

Discover beautiful natural landscape in Ha Giang – Viet Nam, in the spring also provides you with the opportunity to experience the unique cultural characteristics of the local people. You can visit the Tet markets, attend the Love markets, and participate in various traditional games in the villages.

From Quan Ba, Yen Minh, Dong Van to Meo Vac, there are countless natural landscape examples for you to explore. You can visit any of these places to fully discover the beauty of nature in Ha Giang, a land that is truly impressive and captivating.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Summer – The Season Of Water Pouring

Hà Giang, like other provinces in the northern mountainous region, is a popular destination in the summer when tourists can immerse themselves in the image of terraced fields entering the water pouring season.

Discover beautiful natural landscape in Ha Giang – Viet Nam, entering the summer season, Ha Giang is filled with the image of golden sunshine spreading everywhere. And the rice paddies are turning green, creating a rich and lively feeling for visitors who stop here.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Autumn – Golden Hà Giang

Autumn comes to Hà Giang, and it is also the time when many tourists love the golden season. The heat of summer has been replaced by the image of ripe golden rice fields, along with blooming buckwheat flowers that spread throughout the mountain slopes and valleys.

Hà Giang wears a magnificent and beautiful dress that fascinates many people. So, you should discover beautiful natural landscape in Ha Giang – Viet Nam. Sung La is the place with the most captivating buckwheat flowers, and it is also a famous flower valley that challenges tourists to discover the wonders of nature.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Winter – Feeling The Cold Of Ha Giang

Winter comes to Ha Giang and you can feel the icy coldness of the highlands. This season is also the time when adventure enthusiasts come to Ha Giang the most. Many roads are covered in frost, and many places in Ha Giang feel the intense cold and even snow. These things have brought many challenges to the adventurers.

In addition, Ha Giang in winter exudes a very melancholy and mysterious beauty of the mountains and clouds, along with the images of mountains, mist, and snow. During this season, you can also enjoy the strong aroma of corn wine and taste the buffalo meat or other delicacies of the highlands.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

3. Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang – Viet Nam

Dong Van Rock Plateau

The Dong Van Rock Plateau covers the area of 4 districts: Dong Van, Yen Minh, Quan Ba and Meo Vac. In 2010, this plateau was officially recognized as a global geopark.
The Dong Van Rock Plateau owns a number of geological heritages and rock strata that bear the marks of the Earth’s development history.

Especially, the natural gray rock mountains, the magnificent and mysterious natural landscapes, still retain their primitive beauty. The rough gray rocks of this plateau have been skillfully used by the local ethnic people to create unique and sturdy stone fences, surrounding small houses, cornfields and vegetable gardens.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Dong Van Old Town

One of the beautiful scenes in Ha Giang that you cannot miss is the Dong Van Old Town. It is an ancient town nestled in the gray rocks. The old town is about 1 km long with only 40 houses made of adobe brick and tiled roofs.

If you visit the old town on the full moon day, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of the mountain town festival. Every house hangs red lanterns and displays local products such as colorful brocade fabric, fragrant mint honey…

Or you can witness the traditional food processing performances of the ethnic people such as: “thang co” (horse meat soup), “banh tam giac mach” (triangle-shaped buckwheat cake), “banh giay” (sticky rice cake)…

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Quan Ba Twin Mountains

Quan Ba Twin Mountains, the round and charming twin mountains that resemble the full and round breasts of a sleeping mountain fairy. The unique name comes from the fact that there are two parallel mountains that are nearly identical in size. Each season, the twin peaks don a different color.

Spring is the season of vibrant peach blossoms, summer is the season of lush green rice fields, autumn is the golden hue of ripe rice, and winter is the purple color of buckwheat flowers. You should visit the Quan Ba Heaven’s Gate. This is the best spot to fully admire the beauty of this wonderful twin mountain.


Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

King Cat’s Palace

Discover beautiful natural landscape in Ha Giang – Viet Nam, you will surely hear about the glorious life of King Cat. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to visit the King Cat’s Palace, which was built according to the characteristic architecture of the Mong people, blending with Chinese and French architecture.

The King Cat’s Palace was located on top of a small hill, with a entrance gate flanked by two rows of old and straight pine trees. Inside the palace, there are many interesting artifacts on display, reflecting the lavish and affluent lifestyle of the king and his contemporaries.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Ma Pi Leng Pass – The Stunning Beauty of Ha Giang that Leaves You in Awe

Ma Pi Leng is known as the king of passes in Vietnam. The pass is famous for its winding roads that follow the mountain slopes. One side of the pass is a steep cliff while the other is a deep abyss, making it a thrilling and challenging journey that takes your breath away.

Located at an altitude of 1,200 meters, Ma Pi Leng is part of the Dong Van rocky plateau. Viewed from a distance, the pass looks like a thread stretched across the hills, creating a magnificent landscape. Driving on the pass sometimes feels like you are standing in the clouds as they block your view.

You can gaze at the Nho Que River, which flows like a beautiful silk, gently embracing the foothills in a calm and peaceful manner. How beautiful, right? Do you wanna experience Ha Giang trekking tour to see that view? Try it!

In particular, you can conquer Ma Pi Leng as an athele when participating Ha Giang Discovery Marathon, which is expect to be held October.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Lung Cu Flagpole – A Must-Visit Destination in Ha Giang

Perhaps any Ha Giang tour will lead you to Lung Cu. Lung Cu is one of the most prominent and familiar tourist attractions in Ha Giang, being the northernmost point of Vietnam.

The road to Lung Cu is not easy, as you have to overcome steep passes and winding hills. However, it is also something to be proud of as you leave your footprint in this place. You can enjoy the feeling of standing on the northernmost land of Vietnam and listen to the proud history of this land.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Lung Cam Cultural Village – The Beautiful And Simple Scenery Of Ha Giang Land

Lung Cam Cultural Village still preserves the intact cultural beauty of the mountainous ethnic groups in Ha Giang. Here, you can admire the mossy-roofed houses, the ancient-looking wooden houses stained with color.

The simple and rustic houses are strange yet attractive. Especially when the flower season arrives, Lung Cam is immersed in a dreamy natural landscape.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Hoang Su Phi Terraced Fields

Terraced fields are not unfamiliar to mountainous areas in the North. However, if you want to see the most vast, spectacular, and beautiful terraced fields with your own eyes, you need to come to discover beautiful natural landscape in Ha Giang – Viet Nam.

Hoang Su Phi terraced fields are where the fields on the mountains form evenly spaced steps up to the horizon. In the rainy season, the fields welcome water from the mountain, creating a rare and majestic scene. In the autumn harvest season, the golden rice strips will be a brilliant highlight on the hills and mountains.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Sung La Valley – Where Rocks Bloom Into Flowers

Discover beautiful natural landscape in Ha Giang – Viet Nam, Sung La Valley is the best place to admire the beauty of Ha Giang’s triangular flower fields! The Hmong people in Sung La grow triangular flowers and mustard flowers on high hills, and corn and rice in the flatlands at the bottom of the valley.

Every season, the hills put on their own colorful coat of grass and flowers. In the summer, there’s the green color of plants, at the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, there are purple triangular flowers, and in the spring, there’s the pink color of cherry blossoms.

In the midst of this beautiful natural landscape, we also have the opportunity to admire the sturdy and time-worn ancient houses. It’s a majestic, rustic and strangely peaceful scenery! In addition, Ha Giang has many other beautiful and charming destinations such as Pho Bang Yen Minh, Forbidden Mountain, Noong Lake, etc.

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

4. Notes When Traveling In Ha Giang

  • Prepare easy-to-move shoes (preferably sneakers) and tidy clothing. Ha Giang’s weather is often cold at night and in the early morning, so prepare an additional thick jacket to keep your body warm.
  • Prepare a personal medicine bag for common illnesses caused by the cold climate, such as fever reducers, stomach pain medication, allergy creams, and nasal sprays.
  • Bring cash as there are very limited ATMs available here.
  • Do not give money to young children as it may create a bad habit for them.
  • Prepare lip balm and moisturizing skincare products to prevent dry, cracked skin due to climate change.

If traveling by motorbike, bring extra fuel as there are not many gas stations available. Also, bring a tool kit for unexpected situations and personal protective equipment (such as arm and knee pads, flashlight, Ha Giang map).

Handbook To Discover Beautiful Natural Landscape In Ha Giang - Vietnam

Ha Giang has a unique and different beauty in every season, and this land has been gifted by Mother Nature with countless special and attractive sceneries for visitors. Ha Giang tourism is an exciting journey that many people love, especially young backpackers.
The beautiful scenery of Ha Giang captivates visitors with winding mountain passes and colorful flower fields, adding a bright and vibrant touch to the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

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