For young people, traveling in groups is no longer unfamiliar. Group tours are an opportunity to rekindle friendships and relationships, as well as create stronger bonds among members.

Athai Travel will suggest to you a group tour in Viet Nam with beautiful scenery, perfect for those who love taking photos, and ensure that you will have enough pictures to live off for the entire year when traveling with your group of friends. Let’s explore together!

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

1. What is group travel?

Group travel is a form of tourism where the number of participants depends on their needs. Specifically, before the COVID-19 pandemic, group tours usually had a scale of about 20-30 people. However, in the post-pandemic era, the scale of adventure groups will be smaller, with fewer than 10 people.

Group travel is considered a trend for the future. This form not only minimizes the risks of gathering in large crowds but also provides each member with the most enjoyable, safe, and comfortable travel experiences.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

2. The benefits of a Vietnam group tour

The benefits of group travel to Vietnam cannot be denied. When traveling with companions, you can have a lot of fun and save costs.

Saving Costs

Finance is the most important issue and the key factor for every trip. If traveling alone requires you to have a huge amount of money on hand, choosing to travel in a group will help you save a considerable amount.

From transportation, food, and accommodation to sleeping, you can easily share bills with other members. Especially, if you travel with a team, you can easily rent a cheap homestay or a private villa with spacious and comfortable spaces to bond with everyone.

No more loneliness

The benefit of a group tour in Viet Nam is that it’s more lively, and having one more friend means having more fun. When traveling in a group, everything you do is with your companions, so you won’t feel lonely anymore. A Vietnam group trip with your friends will become an unforgettable memory.

Someone takes photos for you

The biggest advantage of traveling in a group that many people are interested in is that you can take pictures and videos of each other. Thanks to that, all members of the group will have a photo album with 1001 fun and interesting expressions.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Reducing risks

Safety is always the top priority in long-distance trips. When a group tour in Viet Nam, you will be more assured and reduce many unnecessary risks on the way.
Building stronger connections

A busy life often leaves us with little time to meet and talk with others. Vacations spent with friends and family can provide an opportunity to strengthen bonds and create lasting connections.

Moreover, traveling together, sharing experiences, and being companions on every path can help deepen relationships. Exchanging and learning from each other’s experiences.

Traveling together on a trip can provide members with the opportunity to learn, exchange, share, and help each other with many life experiences and issues. Traveling helps to broaden our knowledge, and share what we see and experience.

Helping you to become more integrated and open

group tour in Viet Nam is a great option for people who enjoy socializing. Joining a group tour means that you will naturally become more extroverted, dynamic, and lively.

3. Is Independent group travel cheaper than package tours?

Everyone thinks that what they do themselves is cheaper. In fact, if you compare the cost of independent travel and Vietnam group tour packages, you will only find a difference of … a few tens of thousands of dong.

When traveling independently, you book services at retail prices, while with a package tour, the travel agency books services at group rates for you.

You spend time Vietnam tour ideas, researching and preparing at least a month in advance to book hotels, and flights because they may sell out if you travel independently, whereas, with a package tour, you can make decisions in one day and hardly need to prepare anything.

You are responsible for your own safety when traveling independently, whereas you will have travel insurance when you go on a package tour.

You learn a lot more about the new region after the fully guided grand tour Vietnam thanks to the tour guide’s introduction, unlike independent travel, where you have to actively search for information.

It is no different from the debate about eating out or cooking at home, where people think that cooking at home saves money, but they forget about the time and effort spent preparing, not to mention the cost of electricity, water, and the cleanup process afterward.

Of course, if you have plenty of time and preparing everything yourself makes you happy, there is nothing better!

In the end, service industries such as tourism are growing stronger for a reason. What do we need other than enjoying the professionalism they bring to have more time for ourselves and our families?

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

4. Top places to travel group tour in Viet Nam with your best friends in Vietnam

Vietnam, the “S-shaped strip of land,” is a country with the ability to leave a lasting impression on any traveler who visits, not only because of its stunning natural beauty but also because of its hospitable, friendly, and kind-hearted people.

In Vietnam, every year many visitors come from all over the world to visit. Vietnam group tours from the US, Vietnam group tours from the UK, group tour Vietnam from India, and more. Let’s take a look at some of the most beautiful and exciting destinations for group tours to Vietnam to explore and experience in Vietnam.

Co To Island

The white sandy beaches, blue sea, and golden sunshine are not only found in the South and Central regions of Vietnam but also in the North on Co To Island, which attracts people with its wild and pristine beauty.

Famous for its deserted island, group tour in Viet Nam at Co To also impresses visitors with its rich vegetation system, making it a must-visit destination for young backpackers.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Ly Son Island

Ly Son is the only island in Quang Ngai province, formed from many volcanic eruptions and geological formations millions of years ago. Ly Son is home to many rare and exotic plant species and other creatures, making it a natural wonder that always attracts tourists.

When visiting group tour in Viet Nam at Ly Son with your friends, you can enjoy local specialties such as “banh it la gai” (glutinous rice cake wrapped in ramie leaves), garlic from Ly Son, Ly Son salad, sea snails, emperor crabs, fish paste, and many other delicious fresh seafood dishes.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Hang En

Hang En is located in the limestone mountain complex of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Visitors to Hang En can enjoy a campfire under the glittering starry sky amidst thousands of swallows. The ideal time to explore Hang En is around July.

However, to have a safe and enjoyable trip, you need to be well-prepared physically, as the path inside the cave is difficult and the terrain is not flat. You will have to cross rivers, climb slopes, and move through the cave and the mountain forest.

Despite the challenging terrain, Hang En always offers many fascinating things for adventurous explorers, making it an ideal destination for group tour in Viet Nam experiences.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Mooc Water Stream

If you have finished exploring Hang En, you can invite your friends to visit Mooc Water Stream, also located near Phong Nha Ke Bang. This is considered a beautiful paradise in Quang Binh.

In the valley of limestone cliffs along the Chay River, Mooc Water Stream appears as a wild place in an adventure program. group tour in Viet Nam here, you can experience many adventurous games, and the weather is mild, suitable for picnics with friends.

Sitting in the cool water with the sound of the flowing stream and the chirping of birds everywhere seems to make all the worries of life disappear quickly.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Beaches in Binh Thuan

group tour in Viet Nam – Binh Thuan is home to two main beaches that are loved by many young people. When it comes to traveling to Binh Thuan, visitors often think of the beaches in Mui Ne or Phan Thiet, but you may not know that this place also has many beautiful and unspoiled beaches that attract tourists.

The beaches in Binh Thuan are always filled with sunshine, and they are the most beautiful beaches when visitors come to Binh Thuan. Not only is the color of the sea overwhelming, but there are also rocky cliffs and beautiful scenery, making it the most enjoyable tourist destination for your group tour to Vietnam with friends.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Hon Dau Resort

Hon Dau Resort is located about 10km from the intersection of Highway 5B and Pham Van Dong Street, and it takes one hour by car from Hanoi. Coming here is like entering the gate of the sea, with the sea breeze soothing every tourist’s soul.

group tour in Viet Nam, this place has a harmonious beauty between the beauty of the land, the sky, and the sea. With lakes, green trees, and the spaces of the sea and mountains, the rows of pine trees are always green throughout the year, bringing a feeling of living in the dreamy plateau of Dalat to the owners of the villas.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Hoi An

No need to introduce too much about the beautiful ancient town of Hoi An – the pride of Vietnamese tourism. Although this small and romantic city seems to be only suitable for couples, traveling with a group of friends in Hoi An is also a fun experience.

What are friends for a group tour in Viet Nam? To take beautiful photos for each other, of course. Hoi An has countless charming corners in the old town where you can easily take pictures. From stylish cafes to high-quality restaurants, there are enough places for you to explore all day long and still not run out of options.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know


5. What should you keep in mind when traveling in a group?

One of the key factors in the success of a group tour in Viet Nam is a well-planned and organized itinerary. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Choose appropriate travel companions: Group members should be in agreement on issues related to costs, expenses, and travel services. For example, if you want to stay in a budget hotel to save money but your travel companion prefers a luxurious hotel, this can create discomfort for either you or your travel companion.

Have a spirit of mutual assistance: Group members should always be ready to help each other.

Pay attention to money matters: While it may seem awkward, it is important to be clear about money matters. Plan your expenses carefully, and then openly discuss and reach a consensus with the group on a shared opinion.

Keep records of all expenses and inform the group openly so that everyone knows and understands. Additionally, always try to maintain a relaxed mood, and avoid conflicts within the group as they can affect the trip.

Book flights: Popular airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Vietjetair, Bamboo Airways, Jetstar, etc., have websites that allow online payment. For those who come from other countries to Vietnam, language can be a difficult barrier.

Therefore, it is best to book flights through reputable tour operators Vietnam to receive the most attentive advice and support. Direct booking through airlines may not be as carefully supported as travel agencies, especially in urgent situations when it may be difficult to call the airline hotline.

Book a package tour: Find reputable Vietnamese tour companies and discuss your travel needs directly to find the most suitable tour package. Don’t forget to read the policy of the tour and ask the travel agency to answer any questions you may have.

Group tour in Viet Nam - Everything you need to know

Because life is a journey, whether near or far, what matters is that after each new voyage are new experiences, meaningful and worthy of cherishing, so that at the end of each passing year we can look back and see that not a single moment was wasted. Athai Travel hopes that you are in good health, conquer many new paths, and even better, that we can accompany you on a group tour in Viet Nam.

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