Traditional village markets are one of the distinctive features of the life of Vietnamese people. A traditional village market tour in Vietnam can help you learn and explore more about a new culture.

These markets are not only places to find regional specialties but also a reflection of the culture of each ethnic group. There are many unique and attractive village markets throughout Vietnam. In this article, we will introduce you to the top traditional village market tours in Vietnam that you cannot miss.

Một chuyến tham quan chợ làng truyền thống ở Việt Nam có thể giúp bạn tìm hiểu và khám phá thêm về một nền văn hóa mới

Must-visit traditional village market tours in Vietnam

Each traditional village market tour in Vietnam in different locations has its distinctive characteristics. Depending on the lifestyle of the local people, these village markets will have unique highlights.

You can explore more through the traditional village market tours that we share below:

Bac Ha Market – Lao Cai

Bac Ha Market is one of the oldest and most famous traditional markets in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam. The Bac Ha Market takes place every Sunday from early morning to 3 pm on the same day.

This traditional village market tour in Vietnam is not just a place to buy and sell goods but also to exchange and meet the local ethnic groups. The market is imbued with the cultural identity of the highlands.

At Bac Ha Market, the main products are handicrafts, family items such as blankets, pillows, colorful scarves and decorations, handbags, jewelry, and traditional clothes of ethnic minorities such as Hmong, Dao, etc.

In addition, the market also has specialty products such as horse meat, pork armpit, honey, wine, and delicious fresh fruits and vegetables.

These products are displayed in a colorful, bustling, and crowded market space. Besides, you can enjoy typical dishes of the northern mountainous region, such as thang co, five-color sticky rice, hot bread, etc.

In the market’s lively atmosphere, you can also participate in activities such as horse racing, buffalo fighting, etc. This is a fascinating destination for tourists who want to explore and experience the unique culture of ethnic minorities in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam.

Phiên chợ Bắc Hà diễn ra vào chủ nhật hàng tuần từ sáng sớm đến 3 giờ chiều cùng ngày

Dao San Market – Lai Chau

Dao San Market is a famous traditional village market tour in Vietnam located in Lai Chau province, in the northwest mountainous region of Vietnam. Dao San Market meets every Thursday and Sunday in the center of Dao San commune, Phong Tho district.

Here, you can find typical products of ethnic groups, such as traditional clothing, handcrafted bags, handicrafts, pottery, and other household products. In the market, visitors can witness the cultural diversity that creates the cultural identity of the ethnic communities here.

It is not difficult to spot young girls of the Red Lao ethnic group, graceful Giay ethnic girls, or the H’mong mothers who sit and embroider during the market.

Dao San Market has an ample space filled with colors and the sounds of ethnic minorities’ songs and dances. Besides shopping, visitors can also enjoy local dishes such as raw pork with lime, grilled chicken, and lam rice etc. In addition, there are many entertainment activities and traditional games to enjoy.

Dao San Market is an interesting destination for tourists who want to learn about the culture and life of ethnic minorities in the northwest mountainous region. If you plan to visit Lai Chau, do not forget to visit Dao San Market to experience the exciting and colorful things here.

Dong Van Market – Ha Giang

Dong Van Market is located in the center of Dong Van town, Ha Giang province, famous for its unique ethnic products and ancient houses’ architecture. The market is held every Sunday and attracts many people from inside and outside Ha Giang province for shopping and exchanging goods.

At Dong Van Market, visitors can find handicraft products such as silk, batik, embroidery, forest animals, and other household products. In addition, the market also has many delicious local dishes; such as stove-side buffalo meat, grilled pork, rib porridge, hot rolled rice pancakes, and iced beer.

Not only a shopping destination, but Dong Van Market also has special historical and cultural values, with ancient houses built since the 19th century. On festive occasions, there will be traditional games such as jumping, tug-of-war, bridge-crossing, kicking shuttlecock, etc.

Tourists can visit the ancient houses and learn more about the ethnic groups in Ha Giang land.

Dong Van Market is considered one of the attractive destinations in Ha Giang. If you want to explore the beauty and life of ethnic people in the mountainous areas of Northern Vietnam, plan a visit to Dong Van Market.

Tại chợ Đồng Văn, du khách có thể tìm thấy các sản phẩm thủ công mỹ nghệ như lụa, batik, đồ thêu, v.v.

Khau Vai “love” market – Ha Giang

The Khau Vai “love” market in Ha Giang is a highland festival often held in the spring when the farmers have more free time. People usually organize rituals to pray for favorable weather conditions throughout the year. The Khau Vai love market follows the same tradition.

Every year, on the 27th of March, in the lunar calendar, the market is held.

According to historical sources, this tradition has existed for almost 100 years since the market started in 1919. In the past, the market only took place on one day, on the 27th of March, in the lunar calendar. However, the market is usually held for about three days due to the combination of cultural activities and tourism.

This traditional market is suitable for tourists to come and explore when on a traditional village market tour in Vietnam. Couples who are in love and facing complicated relationships can meet, exchange, and end their relationship.

Initially, the market was not meant for trading products but as a place where people could come together. These people may have been separated by fate, family disapproval, or other reasons that kept them from being together. Each person carries a heart full of unresolved emotions, like the legend of the old lovers.

Therefore, this day is for them to confide in each other after one or many years of separation to inform each other of their current situation. These interrupted love stories are all in the past for each individual. 

Those who have started families come here without jealousy toward their spouses. They respect each other, respect their past, and consider it a responsibility for their spiritual life. After the market session, they return to their daily lives and promise to return to the market the following year.

The Khau Vai love market has a long history and is considered a symbol of love and emotion of the ethnic people in the Ha Giang region. Here, tourists can visit and experience the lively atmosphere of the market session.

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Chợ tình Khâu Vai ở Hà Giang là lễ hội vùng cao thường tổ chức vào mùa xuân

Meo Vac Market

The Meo Vac Market in Ha Giang is a destination that few tourists know about. However, it is a market session with a unique cultural characteristic of the local people. The Meo Vac market is located in the town area of Meo Vac, which is not difficult to find.

Once arriving at the town of Meo Vac, tourists can experience many attractive cultural features.

Meo Vac Market is also one of the largest markets in the Ha Giang province area and is organized and held only once a week. It is a destination for locals to gather and exchange culture on weekends.

The market is held on Sundays, and visitors can admire the unique and fascinating beauty of the mountainous people. Although there are a few village market days, they are exceptional.

At Meo Vac Market, you can find various products such as food, jewelry, clothing, herbs, and handmade items. The market also sells different types of pets, such as chickens, pigs, buffalos, cows, dogs, cats, and more.

Among them, the Meo Vac Cat Market is known as a particular destination where local ethnic minorities sell black cats and wild cats. They are considered traditional pets of the local people.

Not only a shopping destination, but Meo Vac Market is also a place for tourists to experience and explore the unique culture of the Mong, Dao, H’Mong, and Giay ethnic groups. You can participate in activities such as singing, dancing with local people, and enjoying traditional food.

This traditional village market tour in Vietnam will definitely bring you many exciting experiences.

Tour du lịch chợ làng nghề truyền thống Việt Nam chắc chắn sẽ mang đến cho bạn nhiều trải nghiệm thú vị

Cai Rang Floating Market – Can Tho

Floating markets are one of the most unique features of the Mekong Delta. This type of market has many unique features that no other locality in Vietnam has.

The Cai Rang Floating Market is famous for the bustle of boats every morning. People will exchange and trade on boats. You will feel scared when floating on the water but it is characteristic.

In your traditional village market tour in Vietnam, this attractive floating market is indispensable. You can experience the floating market from morning until noon. The market starts early every morning, around 4-5 am, and lasts until about 9-10 am.

The main products sold at Cai Rang Floating Market are fresh vegetables, fruits, and local specialties of the Mekong Delta; such as Linh fish, dried shrimp, rice wine, rice paper, and fruits. In addition, you can also find household items, souvenirs, clothing, and fashion accessories.

The Cai Rang floating market features colorful boats filled with goods and vendors along the river. Tourists can rent a boat to explore the market and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Mekong Delta. 

In addition, visitors can also taste local specialties such as snakehead fish hot pot, Xeo cake, crab noodle soup, chicken vermicelli, etc. It is a familiar village market, even though it sways on the water.

Cai Rang floating market is an attractive and unique destination for tourists who want to experience the culture and cuisine of the Southwest region of Vietnam. This traditional village market tour in Vietnam is definitely suitable for those who want to share a unique market.

Chợ nổi Cái Răng nổi tiếng nhộn nhịp ghe thuyền vào mỗi buổi sáng

Nga Bay Floating Market – Hau Giang

Unlike the traditional village market in Japan, the characteristics of Vietnamese traditional markets vary depending on the region. Nga Bay Floating Market is a famous floating market in the Mekong Delta. All trading activities take place on the river.

Nga Bay Floating Market opens early in the morning. From 5 to 8 am is the peak time for buying fresh agricultural products. The market will still operate from mid-morning until evening. Boats will be busy running along the river to sell goods.

People here sell a variety of items ranging from seasonal fruits to specialty dishes. You can choose your favorite fruit. However, the fruit will be sold seasonally; so you can do your research before going to this traditional village market tour in Vietnam.

An unforgettable highlight is when the sun rises and the boats carrying goods spread out in different directions. Tourists will experience the robust flavors of rustic dishes sold on small ships.

From the dreamy early morning, when the sky is still covered with a thin veil of mist, hundreds of boats of local people come here like a festival. Some many different colors and sounds create a lively and joyful atmosphere.

Especially, there is no need for advertising or sales promotion here. Each boat has a long pole hanging the items it sells, like a “live brand.” Buyers do not have to spend time looking for what they want. In addition, there are also small boats selling food that skillfully maneuver among the larger ships.

There is no village market entrance fee when entering the market; so visitors can freely enjoy their traditional village market tour in Vietnam and shop at the c village stores.

Người dân nơi đây bán rất nhiều mặt hàng từ trái cây theo mùa cho đến các món ăn đặc sản

Ideas for activities when going on a traditional village market tour in Vietnam

After finding a village market near you, you should participate in the activities of the local people when going to the market. Here are some exciting activities that we suggest for you:

Explore local specialties

At traditional markets, tourists can find many specialties of each region, such as fruits, vegetables, souvenirs, handicrafts, and local specialty dishes.

Learn about local culture

Tourists will have a chance to learn about local people and interesting things in their daily life. You can discover more through traditional activities such as playing folk games and interacting with local people.

Take photos and capture memorable moments

The remarkable thing about traditional village market tour in Vietnam is the lively, unique, and local atmosphere. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for tourists to take photos and preserve memorable moments.

Participate in entertainment activities

At traditional markets, tourists can participate in entertainment activities; such as watching dance performances, singing, martial arts demonstrations, and many other activities. Traditional village market tours in Vietnam can provide many activities for you throughout the day.

Shop at reasonable prices

Traditional markets in Vietnam are also known for their reasonable prices and are often traded through negotiation between sellers and buyers. Therefore, this also allows tourists to shop at reasonable prices.

Enjoy local cuisine

Traditional markets in Vietnam are not the only place to shop but also place to enjoy local specialty dishes. Tourists can find typical dishes of each region; such as central Vietnamese pancakes, Hanoi grilled pork with vermicelli, Saigon pho, and many other dishes.

Learn about traditional trades

Traditional markets in Vietnam are often a place to display and sell local handicraft products. Tourists can learn about the production process and handicraft stages and about local people’s traditional trades.

Experience the feeling of a local person

Participating in a traditional village market tour in Vietnam is also an opportunity for tourists to experience the feeling of being a local person to learn about the life, culture, and traditional values of Vietnamese people.

How to get a Traditional village market tour in Vietnam?

Finding a tourism service for a traditional village market tour in Vietnam is a good option to avoid organizing and arranging everything for your trip. The tourism service will help you save time and effort researching, booking hotels, transportation, and visiting destinations.

Athai Travel is the perfect choice for those who want to have the best traditional village market tour in Vietnam. Tourists will be advised on a clear itinerary with many suitable destination options.

Before deciding to go to the traditional village market, you must research and plan your trip. This will help you avoid risks and have a great travel experience when visiting Vietnam’s traditional village markets. Athai Travel’s professional team will assist you in your research.

Joining a traditional village market tour in Vietnam is a great experience for tourists who want to explore and learn about the local people’s daily lives. Here, tourists can visit, shop for local products, taste local foods, and interact and chat with local people.

With these exciting experiences, tourists will indeed have unforgettable memories and a colorful travel experience in Vietnam.

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