Vietnam village tour has become trendy in recent years. Not only does it help travelers stay away from the noise and pollution of the city, but it also allows them to experience authentic local life.

If you’re planning a trip, try experiencing the Vietnam village tour. Below is a detailed guide for beginners and exciting village destinations!

Vietnam village tour has become trendy in recent years

A Beginner’s Guide To Planning A Vietnam Village Tour

Planning a Vietnam village tour can be challenging, so visitors need to be well prepared. Below is an essential guide for planning a successful village tour:

Choose The Right Place

Vietnam has many attractive villages to explore. Each village will have its own unique characteristics of the local people. However, you need to choose a destination acceptable to your interests, budget, and time.

Travelers should consult reviews and articles online or ask for advice from travel experts. You should choose a destination that suits the timing of your trip, weather conditions, and cultural activities. This way, your Vietnam village tour will become perfect.

Find Information And Activities In The Place

After choosing a destination, you need to research information about that place. Information may include culture, history, specialties, activities, and prominent events. You can refer to travel websites and blogs or ask for advice from locals.

Researching activities and information about the village tour will help you create an interesting itinerary. You can arrange a time to participate in activities, take photos in certain places, etc. Everything will become smoother.

Make A Detailed Plan

You need to plan your trip in detail, including itinerary, places to visit, transportation, food, and other activities. You must carefully calculate the time and budget to make your trip efficient and cost-effective.

If you want to spend less time planning, you can choose a pre-arranged Vietnam village tour. Travel agencies will certainly help you solve the itinerary faster and more efficiently.

You must carefully calculate the time and budget

Book A Hotel Or Tour

Once you have a detailed plan, book a hotel room and transportation tickets to ensure your trip is convenient and safe.

While researching the destination, you should also pay attention to suitable hotels. Booking in advance will help you have a place to stay when you arrive at the tourist destination. During the tourism season in Vietnam, rooms fill up very quickly.

Therefore, you should book in advance to have a nice room as per your requirements.

Prepare The Necessary Clothes And Supplies

Before you go, you should prepare documents such as maps, guides and necessary paperwork. You should also prepare appropriate clothing for the location and weather for the best travel experience.

Make sure you bring enough supplies to serve yourself during the trip. The tourist villages offer quite a few unique products that you can use; so you can leave behind some unimportant items to keep your luggage from being too heavy.

Enjoy The Ride

Finally, enjoy your trip. Participate in local activities and enjoy local specialties for the best travel experience! Vietnam village tours will surely not disappoint you with the image of simple rural villages and honest local people.

Top Vietnamese Traditional Villages You Should Go To

Our Vietnam tour guides include traditional villages you should experience when coming to Vietnam. These villages all have their own cultural characteristics or have been developed into tourist villages. Please enjoy the following experiences:

Tra Que Vegetable Village – Hoi An

Until now, Tra Que vegetable village is over 300 years old. Hundreds of households in the village grow vegetables. Therefore, the vegetable area grown in the town is up to 40ha with hundreds of different types of vegetables.

Currently, most people who want to leave the noisy city and return to the countryside to enjoy a peaceful feeling are looking to Tra Que village. The peace and lightness come from the rural setting. Both your mind and body will be unhealed.

The village has also become the largest vegetable garden providing fresh and delicious vegetables all year round for people; who live in the surrounding areas and neighboring provinces.

To ensure ecological standards, Tra Que Village still uses the method of growing organic vegetables. People mainly use green fertilizers and clean water for farming. Organic fertilizers are made directly from seaweed collected from the pond; which makes the finished product clean, fresh, and loved by consumers.

Tra Que is no longer an ordinary traditional vegetable village. The appeal of its peaceful setting has helped it attract more visitors to the experience. This Vietnam village tour brings many new experiences to tourists.

As an ecotourism destination close to nature, all activities in the vegetable village are outdoors. Therefore, tourists should choose the ideal weather and avoid extreme heat or cold rain to enjoy the activities and experiences.

The ideal time to visit is from February to April and August to December yearly. This is when the weather in Central Vietnam and Hoi An – Quang Nam is cool and dry; and the vegetables are the freshest and most vibrant of the year. The space at this time is extremely pure, cool, and green.

The village has also become the largest vegetable garden

Bat Trang Traditional Pottery Village – Hanoi

Bat Trang village is a favorite destination of many young people who love pottery. This is one of the craft villages containing many traditional cultural features of the Vietnamese people. With a short distance from the center of Hanoi, Bat Trang is the best Vietnam village tour.

The artisans in Bat Trang pottery village specialize in the production of high-class handmade ceramic products. The model is very diverse and can meet the needs of many people.

The most exciting thing when visiting Bat Trang is that you can directly admire the craftsmen making delicate pottery products; or create your own products as you like.

Visitors can spend a lot of time enjoying the russet atmosphere of the village. Old houses and old buffalo carts are their own distinctive features. The typical landmarks that leave ancient marks here include Van Van’s ancient house and Bat Trang village temple.

As a wooden house over 200 years old; Van Van’s ancient house is a masterpiece of architecture featuring ceramic patterns; blue enamel teapots; dragon-shaped vases; and molds for pottery-making dating back to the 15th century.

The Bat Trang village communal house is a place of worship for Thanh Hoang and also hosts various festivals throughout the year.

Visiting the Bat Trang ancient village during a festival can experience a unique and vibrant cultural atmosphere. For just $3-$5, you can become a real ceramic artisan and create your products using clay and a potter’s wheel. 

Maybe in the first moments you will feel surprised. However, the enthusiastic help of ceramic artists will help you to access the way easier. Once you complete your “masterpiece,” it will be fired and ready to take home.

Bat Trang village is a favorite destination of many young people who love pottery

Quynh Son Community Tourism Village – Lang Son

The Bac Quynh commune in Lang Son province is famous for its beautiful natural scenery; including limestone mountains with many caves, flat fields, and winding streams.

The typical historical and cultural heritage and scenic spots of the commune include Quynh Son communal house; an ancient temple dedicated to King Quy Minh. The daily life of the locals takes place under the traditional stilt houses of the Bac Son Tay ethnic group, emphasizing the community spirit.

Visitors can experience traditional communal living by eating, resting, and participating in agricultural production activities with the locals under their stilt houses. Quynh Son has a strong cultural identity of the ethnic Tay, particularly the unique culture of the Tay people.

Every year, on the 12th and 13th of January; the Long Tong festival (down to the field festival) is held with traditional rituals praying for a good harvest.

The festival includes fun activities such as throwing a ball, playing Tien chess, swinging, and more. The melodies of Vi singing, Then singing, and Tan Dan dance is also typical cultural features in the locals’ daily lives.

In addition, when visiting Quynh Son, visitors can enjoy the culinary culture with traditional dishes characteristic of the ethnic people; such as black square glutinous rice cake, purple sticky rice, sausage, red-marinated meat, and more.

This Vietnam village tour offers various daily activities involving local people. You can explore and experience their daily routine while enjoying delicious local cuisine and exciting activities.

The Bac Quynh commune in Lang Son province is famous for its beautiful natural scenery

Suoi Tranh Ecotourism – Phu Quoc 

Suoi Tranh Ecotourism is one of the ideal places to admire the forest scenery in Phu Quoc, with the poetic and charming Suoi Tranh stream. Suoi Tranh is about 15km long, formed by small waterfalls on the Ham Ninh mountain.

Besides zig zag Village, the stream flow meanders under the forest canopy, and mossy, rocky cliffs, creating a beautiful and vibrant natural landscape. Suoi Tranh’s water flow is not too large, and the waterfalls are not too powerful. 

The stream gently flows through the rock crevices, creating a beautiful and colorful natural painting; that mother nature has gifted to the emerald island.

There are sections of the stream flowing over rocky cliffs, creating soft, white waterfalls in the smooth green color of plants and leaves. The stream has less water in the dry season; so it is less beautiful than in the rainy season when the water flow is abundant.

The best time to visit Suoi Tranh is from around May to September. The air in the forest is very fresh, and as you approach the stream. You can feel the cool, refreshing mist and the sound of water echoing from near and far.

From the foot of Suoi Tranh, you can walk about 300m to the source, camp, swim, admire the waterfalls, and relax. Suoi Tranh has an immaculate and spacious area with beautiful rocks and tree roots. It is an excellent choice for your upcoming Vietnam village tour.

The best time to visit Suoi Tranh is from around May to September

Unique Activities To Try On Your Vietnam Village Tour

Vietnam village tours are an opportunity to experience the country’s local lifestyle, culture, history, and cuisine. Here are some unique activities to try when participating in a Vietnam village tour:

Participate in the daily life of the locals

You can join in activities with local people, such as cutting grass, harvesting rice, picking fruits, or herding cattle. This is an opportunity to experience the simple and authentic life of the local people.

In some villages in Vietnam, you can learn how to grow vegetables and take care of a vegetable garden. You will be guided on how to plant various types of vegetables and how to protect them from pests and diseases.

Experience Traditional Craft Villages

Vietnam has many traditional craft villages, such as Bat Trang pottery village, Vu Dai fishing village, and Ninh Van stone village. You can visit these villages and find how to make traditional handmade products.

These traditional craft villages often have many experiential programs for tourists. You can sign up to participate in these experiences. Each traditional craft village has a unique and exciting advantage for you to discover.

These traditional craft villages often have many experiential programs for tourists

Enjoy Local Cuisine

A rural village tour in Vietnam can only be complete by experiencing local cuisine. You can join cooking classes or have dinner with local families to enjoy traditional dishes and chat with local people.

In each region and Vietnam village tour, tourists will experience a unique specialty dish. Most of them are unique and contain distinct flavors.

Participate In Unique Cultural Activities

When coming to Vietnam, tourists can participate in many unique cultural activities in each region. Depending on the location you visit, you will discover unique cultural features and experience the traditional activities of that locality.

These activities may include participating in festivals; learning traditional handicraft skills; experiencing rural life; or visiting fruit gardens and agricultural farms.

This is an opportunity for tourists to experience local culture and learn about the life and unique culture of the people of Vietnam.

Athai Travel – Discover The Best Vietnam Village Tour

If you want to learn more about the village Vietnam book, then explore it through a Vietnam village tour. Each tour will offer you many different experiences.

AThai Travel is one of the leading travel companies specializing in organizing tours to traditional villages in Vietnam. With many years of experience in the tourism industry, AThai Travel has brought thousands of tourists to discover new lands; learn about local culture, and experience the life of people in rural villages.

AThai Travel’s tours are designed to provide tourists with exceptional and unforgettable experiences. The tours include visiting famous tourist attractions and traditional craft villages, experiencing unique cultural activities such as buffalo herding; making rice paper, or planting fruit trees; and participating in unique festivals and events.

Surely, you will have a great Vietnam village tour with the services of Athai Travel!

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