Vietnam is an impressive and attractive country with numerous interesting destinations. The Vietnam Discovery tour helps you explore from bustling cities to lush green rice fields, majestic mountain ranges, or stunning beaches.

If this is your first time in Vietnam, our suggested list of wonderful destinations will help you discover many unique characteristics of Vietnamese people.

you discover many unique characteristics of Vietnamese people

Top 6 Great Destinations In Vietnam Discovery Tour

The Vietnam discovery tour is like an exciting adventure. You can combine visiting many different destinations for a 5-day or 8-day itinerary. Below are some suggested destinations for you.

Hanoi Capital

With a long history, diverse culture, and unique ancient architecture, Hanoi is one of the fascinating cities to explore in Southeast Asia. It is also the capital of Vietnam. It contains many historical relics, traditional craft villages, and spiritual sites.

Hanoi’s climate is divided by seasons and includes 4 different seasons. Each time, the capital city has its own beauty so you can visit Hanoi at any time of the year. Besides the hustle and bustle of modern life, there is still an ancient and peaceful corner of Hanoi from ancient times.

The period from autumn to early winter is the most attractive time to visit Hanoi. The weather is no longer hot during this time, and the air is cool and refreshing. Hanoi in autumn has a romantic scenery with streets covered in yellow leaves.

Hanoi – the best Vietnam discovery tour, has many famous tourist destinations that attract millions of tourists every year. Below are some famous tourist destinations in Hanoi that you should visit when you have the opportunity:

  • Hanoi Old Quarter: where many small streets, narrow alleys, ancient houses, and traditional cafes are concentrated, preserving many cultural values of the capital city.
  • Thang Long Imperial Citadel – World Cultural Heritage: an important historical relic and a symbol of Hanoi.
  • Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam: the first university in Vietnam and a place that preserves many cultural and historical values of the country
  • Hoan Kiem Lake: one of the largest lakes in central Hanoi, with romantic shores and beautiful scenery
  • One Pillar Pagoda is a famous pagoda; it has a long history and special architecture
  • Vietnam Museum of Ethnology: a place that exhibits and preserves many cultural artifacts of Vietnam’s ethnic groups
  • Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum: a place to pay respect and commemorate the great leader of Vietnam
  • Hanoi Opera House: built in the 20th century, it is a venue for many artistic and cultural performances in the country

In addition, many other tourist destinations in Hanoi include Ba Den Tower, Turtle Tower, Perfume Pagoda, Dong Xuan Market, Tay Ho Western Quarter, and more. Surely, Hanoi will not disappoint you when you visit and explore.

Hanoi is one of the fascinating cities to explore in Southeast Asia

Son Doong Cave

Do you want to have a new and challenging adventure? Do you want to participate in exploring a mysterious place? Son Doong Cave is one of the Vietnam Discovery tours worth experiencing. You will join in trekking and mountain climbing to explore this enigmatic cave.

The cave, according to research, was composed about 2-5 million years ago when a river flowed across a buried limestone area. Under the mountain range, there is a huge tunnel through which the water flows. In soft rock sections, the ceiling collapsed to create openings, which became the cave vault.

Many world organizations recognize Son Doong Cave as a heritage site because of its unique features. It is the largest natural cave, with a unique environment inside, featuring primeval forests and underground rivers. 

Inside the cave, it also has its own weather conditions thanks to its unique ecosystem. This large cave is part of an underground system connected to over 150 other caves in Vietnam near the border with Laos.

Son Doong officially surpassed Deer Cave in Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia, on the world record for caves. Son Doong Cave has become the world’s largest, most magnificent, glamorous natural cave.

The cave is truly a magnificent masterpiece of nature, beyond imagination, with its stalactites. The giant rock formations hanging from the cave ceiling or rising from the ground look like alien creatures with strange shapes.

Son Doong Cave is one of the Vietnam Discovery tours

Pearl Island Phu Quoc – The Best Vietnam Discovery Tour

Dubbed Pearl Island, Phu Quoc boasts the unique beauty of an island with its stunning beaches. Aside from the long white sandy beaches and numerous resorts and hotels, it is one of the top 3 tours to experience in Vietnam. It is not wrong to say that Phu Quoc is Vietnam’s best island tourist destination.

National Geographic once named Phu Quoc among the top 3 most beautiful winter destinations. It also ranks first on the list of top 10 ideal beach destinations in Asia by AsiaOne. 

The island has many beautiful beaches. Some beaches are rated as the most beautiful in the world; such as Dai Beach, Sao Beach, and other pristine beaches.

Phu Quoc is a large island, so in addition to swimming and participating in water activities, visitors can also visit some notable places such as:

  • Vinpearl Safari: Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is a zoo and conservation park. Visitors can witness over 3000 species of animals belonging to 150 different types. Most are free to roam, while dangerous species live in enclosures.
  • Japanese Pearl Farm: Learn about pearl production and buy cultured pearls as souvenirs.
  • Phu Quoc Prison Historical Site: Learn about the war crimes of the US imperialists.
  • Tranh Stream: Hike, swim in the stream, and enjoy the cool water from the Ham Ninh mountain range.

In addition, Phu Quoc island also offers many exciting activities such as diving, fishing, cruising, enjoying local cuisine, and visiting fish sauce factories. You will have a fantastic trip to Phu Quoc Island with these destinations.

Vietnam Discovery tours


The Vietnam discovery tour would not be great without visiting Saigon. It is one of the two largest cities in Vietnam, with many interesting destinations. It has a diverse range of places to visit regarding culture, spirituality, nature, and more.

With its rich history and numerous attractive tourist sites, Saigon is a must-visit tourist destination. Below are some of the special places to visit in Saigon:

  • Independence Palace: As a remarkable architectural work, built in 1966, it is where the President of the Republic of Vietnam as well as the President of North Korea, once visited.
  • Ben Thanh Market: One of the most famous traditional markets in Saigon, with a variety of attractive and diverse goods
  • Tao Dan Park: Located in the city center, it is a place for relaxation and exercise for residents
  • Saigon Notre-Dame Cathedral: A beautiful architectural work built in the 19th century, it is the place of worship for Catholic followers
  • Nguyen Hue Walking Street: The city’s main street with many entertainment, shopping, and culinary activities
  • Saigon Fine Arts Museum: The place displays many artworks by international and Vietnamese artists.

In addition, Saigon has many other tourist attractions; such as Bui Vien Western Quarter, Ton That Thiep Street, Saigon night market, Ngoc Hoang Temple, and the Opera House. With these destinations, you will have a fantastic trip to Ho Chi Minh City.

Hoi An – Vietnam Discovery Tour

If you have a Vietnam 7-day tour, you should not miss a great destination like Hoi An. Here, many ancient buildings preserve the culture of old Vietnam, as well as many rich spiritual sites. The ideal time to visit the ancient town is from February to April.

UNESCO recognizes Hoi An as a World Cultural Heritage Site. With its picturesque scenery, ancient architecture, and diverse culture, Hoi An has attracted millions of tourists to come and explore. Here are some of the highlights of Hoi An’s attractions:

  • Hoi An Ancient Town: The city center, with ancient buildings, retail shops, restaurants and cafes. It is the place to enjoy the atmosphere of an ancient town
  • Japanese Covered Bridge: It is one of the city’s symbols, with unique architecture and legendary history; it is a must-visit attraction when coming to Hoi An.
  • Phung Hung Old House: One of the oldest houses in Hoi An, built in the 18th century and carefully preserved
  • The Hoi An Museum is a place that preserves and displays artworks, artifacts, and documents related to the history and culture of the city. 
  • The Ba Thien Hau Temple is one of the largest temples in Hoi An, with unique architecture and beautiful works of art. 
  • The Thanh Ha Pottery Village has located about 3km from the city center and is a place for producing and trading traditional ceramics of Hoi An. 

In addition, you can also visit traditional craft villages, An Bang or Cua Dai beaches, and enjoy the local specialties of Hoi An. With these tourist attractions, Hoi An is a great Vietnam discovery tour for those who love custom, culture, history, and ancient architecture.

UNESCO recognizes Hoi An as a World Cultural Heritage Site

Ha Giang – Vietnam discovery tour

One of the great Vietnam tour ideas is to explore Ha Giang. The majestic rocky mountain scenery and dangerous passes will surely leave many impressions on you. If you love adventure and want to explore the wild beauty of mountainous regions, Ha Giang is a great destination.

Here are some prominent tourist destinations in Ha Giang:

  • Ma Pi Leng Pass: One of the most famous passes in Vietnam, with a steep slope and beautiful location that allows visitors to admire the panoramic view of the wild natural scenery of the highlands
  • The Temple Complex of the Meo Kings: This tomb and temple complex are dedicated to the Meo Kings – an ancient tribe in Ha Giang. It is one of the places that holds many special historical, architectural, and cultural values of the locality
  • Lung Tam Waterfall: A beautiful waterfall in Ha Giang, famous for its year-round flowing water and the scenery that is very wild and beautiful
  • Dong Van Market: A traditional market held weekly in Dong Van, attracts many tourists to visit and experience traditional commercial activities of the highlands
  • The Buckwheat Flower Fields: A new tourist destination in Ha Giang, known for its colorful buckwheat flower fields that create a colorful and lively natural painting

In addition, you can also participate in trekking tours, backpacking, exploring terraced rice fields, or enjoying the local specialties of the highlands.

With these tourist attractions, Ha Giang will bring visitors unforgettable Vietnam discovery tour experiences.

Is the cost of a Vietnam tour expensive?

The Vietnam tour cost is always a concern for many tourists. The cost of tourism in Vietnam can vary depending on many factors, including:

  • Time of travel
  • Location
  • Means of transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food and entertainment activities you choose

However, compared to other countries, Vietnam is considered a budget-friendly tourist destination for many travelers. You can find affordable accommodations, food, and tourism services in big cities like Hanoi or Saigon.

Especially, if you look for places outside the city center, the prices will be quite low.

However, prices at popular tourist destinations such as Ha Long, Nha Trang, or Phu Quoc may be higher than elsewhere. Therefore, to save costs, you should plan. You should research prices and choose suitable tour packages for your Vietnam discovery tour budget.

In summary, if you plan to find affordable accommodations, food, and tourism services and make reasonable travel plans; then traveling to Vietnam is not expensive and can be very cost-effective.

The cost of tourism in Vietnam can vary depending on many factors

Notes when participating in the journey to discover Vietnam

Although a Vietnam discovery tour brings many exciting experiences, you should also note some issues. It helps you find suitable tourist destinations and ensures your trip’s safety.

Here are some useful tips that we want to share with you:

  • Research the tour package thoroughly before registering: You should research the quality and reputation of the tour company. You should understand the tour guide team, tour itinerary, activities; and accompanying services to ensure your trip will occur completely and safely.
  • Preparing complete documents: You need to prepare documents; such as a passport, visa (if required), travel insurance, and other necessary documents as requested by the travel agency.
  • Arrange a reasonable schedule: It’s essential to arrange a proper schedule to ensure you have enough time to explore the destinations comfortably without feeling rushed.
  • Be careful with personal belongings and equipment: If you bring electronic devices or important personal belongings, you should ensure they are stored safely.
  • Always be cautious: You should always follow safety regulations when participating in outdoor activities or adventures. Ensure you and your group members are safe and avoid unwanted accidents.

Vietnam discovery tour brings many exciting experiences

Athai Travel – Vietnam Discovery Tour From North To South

Many tourists have confirmed that the Vietnam discovery tour will bring unforgettable experiences. However, to have a perfect trip, contacting reputable travel agencies is necessary. This is especially important if it’s your first time visiting Vietnam.

AThai Travel is one of the leading travel agencies in Vietnam. They can help you find the best places to visit in Vietnam and do many other exciting activities throughout the trip. Not only will you receive careful advice, but you’ll also receive many attractive benefits during the trip. 

Commitments to safety and policies that ensure the rights of tourists will be implemented according to the signed contract. Come to Athai Travel, and you’ll have a fun and safe Vietnam discovery tour experience.

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