Vietnam is a country rich in cultural diversity and tourist destinations, among which is the best theme park in Vietnam. Foreign tourists can be interested in many unique tourist destinations, from spiritual destinations, beaches and traditional craft villages. However, the best theme park in Vietnam still has an entirely different attraction.

These amusement parks are built to meet the entertainment needs of locals and tourists, especially families with children. If you want a more diverse trip, check out our list below!

Foreign tourists can be interested in many unique tourist destinations

Top 5 Best Theme Park in Vietnam

If you are looking for a theme park in Vietnam for the whole family to have a great vacation, this list is for you. These suggestions are all the best theme parks in Vietnam.

Sun World Ha Long Park

The coastal entertainment Sun World Ha Long Park has located about 6 km from the center of Ha Long City. This tourist destination has a total area of up to 169 hectares and is the best theme park in Vietnam.

Within the Sun World Ha Long Park area are many attractive entertainment items. Visitors can experience the world of adventure games with the largest roller coaster in Vietnam.

You can also go to the refreshing Typhoon Water Park. The Water Park has an area of 20 hectares, including 12 beautiful water games. Here is a fun site for underwater adventurers.

The games you can participate in are tropical storms, hurricanes, dragon rides over waterfalls, giant lightning, snake challenges, etc. These are all high-risk games for those who love adventure, and discovery.

The Dragon Park in Sun World is a world of excitement with 20 games, from simple to adventurous. Many young people love to explore this area because of the interesting things. Here, you can try the dragon footsteps game, pirate ship, or crazy rhino.

These games are very stimulating for movement and require determination to conquer. If you want to try more dangerous games, participate in the roller coaster, whose track is the longest in the world.

In addition, the park also has a colorful flower garden area, a diverse food area, and areas for children with many fun games and activities.

Moreover, visitors can enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay.

The coastal entertainment Sun World Ha Long Park

Asia Park

Asia Park in Da Nang is a unique and exciting combination of famous amusement park attractions worldwide. It is one of the best theme parks in Vietnam. Everything is arranged in a visually stunning and colorful setting.

The park’s most prominent and iconic attraction is the 115m tall Sun Wheel, the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia. The total area of the park is up to 868,694m2, consisting of three main areas:

  • The outdoor amusement park is very upscale.
  • The cultural park, where there are artworks and architectural replicas of 10 famous Asian countries.
  • The Sun Wheel area is where traditional and modern beauty intersects.

When you enter the amusement park of Asia Park, you will truly feel like you’ve entered a paradise of games. Some of the typical games here include:

  • Ninja Flyer: In this game, players lie down and strap on a safety harness to fly around in the air. Those between 90cm and 105cm tall will need an accompanying adult, and those under 90cm cannot play Ninja Flyer.
  • Journey to the West: Visitors will have a short time flying in the air. Players can both enjoy the wind, experience the thrills and watch the scenery pass by.
  • The Flying Kirins: Players act as sailors on a pirate ship bobbing in rough waves far away. The ship will set sail and move fast or slow, as if riding on ocean waves, giving a thrilling and surprising sensation for 120 seconds.
  • Paradise Fall: The first headless flying coaster in Vietnam – Paradise Fall promises a thrilling and novel experience for brave visitors.
  • Golden Sky Tower: You will be launched up to 47m high in the air before free falling at nearly 70km/h, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.
  • Queen Cobra: The largest hanging coaster in Vietnam, reaching speeds of up to 80km/h with your feet dangling freely. The sensation of dangling feet and being impacted by the coaster’s movement will excite you.
  • Singapore Sling: Players will rotate 360 degrees and reach a height of 30m at the top of the rotation. Those who like thrills will find it very stimulating. Your feet will be freely dangling and no longer under control, making players extremely excited.

When you visit this best theme park in Vietnam, you do not have to pay an entrance fee; just pay for the amusement activities you want to participate in. The ticket prices for each service will vary and also depend on whether you are an adult or a child.

The prices for food and entertainment here typically range from 30,000 VND to 270,000 VND ($1.28 – $11.48).

Asia Park in Da Nang is a unique and exciting combination

Dam Sen Cultural Park

Without going far, you can still enjoy the cool green space and fun water games at Dam Sen Water Park. This best theme park in Vietnam is known as the “green gem” in the middle of Saigon.

With over 36 modern game shows, you can explore your emotions comfortably. In addition to the fun water games, you can visit other sites.

Dam Sen Cultural Park is a complex of diverse structures and designs. Tourists can visit the green garden, zoo, aquarium, stage, restaurants, etc. Therefore, it is rated as one of the 10 places to visit in Vietnam.

The modern water park is 3000m2 wide with modern wave-making technology and 31 challenging game shows. Tourists come here to experience the cool space in the heart of Saigon.

You will be stunned when you come here because every corner can provide a standout, beautiful photo. The most popular tourist spots here include Cloud Foot Bridge, Invisible Bridge, Seven Wonders Square, Cloud Road, etc.

Currently, the zoo at Dam Sen Park is nurturing about 100 wild animals, including rare species such as horses, Asian elephants, giraffes, hippos, long-tailed monkeys, etc. You can come here to visit.

When entering Dam Sen Cultural Park, you will have to pay a small fee:

  • Entrance ticket: 150,000 VND/turn ($6.38) for adults and 120,000 VND/turn ($5.1) for children. With this type of ticket, you can enter the gate to visit the entire Dam Sen Park and watch performances at the indoor and outdoor stages.
  • Regular Package Ticket: Children (from 1-1.4m): 180,000 VND ($7.65). Adults (over 1.4m): 260,000 VND ($11.06). You can enter the gate to visit the entire Dam Sen Park, participate in 35 games, and watch performances at the outdoor stages.

Dam Sen Cultural Park is a complex of diverse structures and designs

Vinwonders Nha Trang – The best theme park in Vietnam

Vinwonders Nha Trang is known as a 5-star standard entertainment and resort complex in Nha Trang. This best theme park in Vietnam has been operating since 2006, with a 3320m long sea-crossing cable car. If you travel to Vietnam, you cannot miss Vinwonders Nha Trang.

Visit Vinwonders Nha Trang, the ultimate theme park in Vietnam that offers a variety of exciting experiences. The park is divided into six main areas:

The World’s Garden features the largest Ferris wheel in Vietnam, a variety of different orchids, the African Savannah with 250-year-old Baobab trees, a temperate garden, a Japanese garden, and a kingdom of roses with over 10,000 different rose species.

King’s Garden is Vinpearl’s first wildlife park with many animals, such as giraffes, hippos, flamingos, and more.

Fairy Land is a world of gentle games, including trampolines, rainbow battles, elephant carousels, animal carousels, bike racing, Alpine Coasters, and more.

Adventure Land is where thrill-seekers come to enjoy exciting rides such as bungee jumping, sky racing, pirate ships, freefall towers, extreme carousels, and mine adventures.

SeaWorld is Vinwonders Nha Trang’s aquarium, which covers an area of 3,400 square meters and houses over 300 rare marine species.

Water World is a water park with many thrilling activities, including the Tsunami slide, hillside water rafting, space black hole slide, human body slide, thrilling water slide, and wave pool.

Ticket prices for Vinwonders Nha Trang vary depending on age, time of day, and cable car travel. The fees range from VND 420,000 ($17.86) to VND 880,000 ($37.42) per ticket. Visitors can book tickets in advance through travel agencies or directly on the park’s website.

Vinwonders Nha Trang is known as a 5-star standard entertainment

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc

Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam. It is known as the largest wildlife park on the island in Vietnam, covering an area of 380 hectares with many different animal breeding areas.

Vinpearl Safari wildlife park is currently home to over 4,200 animals from more than 190 species worldwide. The animals can live comfortably in a natural environment at this best theme park in Vietnam.

Many of the animals here are listed in the red book, such as the white rhinoceros, Bengal tiger, silvered langur, sambar deer, grey crowned crane, and more. In addition to breeding and preserving live animals, many wild animals have been born here.

Each species of animal is grouped and distributed to different areas. Many rare birds are raised using special methods to maintain their natural habitat.

If you want to walk around and discover the entire park, it will take you about 2 hours. Moving by electric car will help you save a lot of energy and be much more convenient.

There is also a Kid Zoo area here, which is designed for young children to discover the animal world. Many cute small animals are raised here, and children can feed them. Some common species include rabbits, goats, sheep, etc.

If you want a more exciting trip experience, you can choose the wildlife park – Safari. Here, the ecosystem is maintained as naturally as possible to meet the living conditions of wild animals.

You can experience the unique “Man in the cage; wild animals roam free” model in this area. Many rare animals are released outside to operate freely. Of course, the staff will take many measures to ensure your safety.

In addition to the fascinating tour, visitors can also enjoy the thrilling animal circus performances. The staff performs with pink flamingos, various species of parrots, doves, and more.

The entrance ticket to Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc is currently sold at the gate for 600,000 VND/adult ($25.52) and 500,000 VND/child ($21.26) under 1.4m tall. Children under 1m tall are entirely free of charge. The above price makes it completely reasonable for what you will experience.

This park is one of the top 3 places to visit in Vietnam. You will surely have many exciting activities related to nature here!

The animals can live comfortably in a natural environment at this best theme park in Vietnam

Fun activity ideas in theme parks

After answering the question “What is the best place to visit in Vietnam?” you should plan your fun trip. In fact, each best theme park in Vietnam has its own impressive and exciting activities. You can choose to experience based on the guides and reviews of those who have visited before.

However, if you have researched the destination you want to go to, then suggest some ideas. Here are some suggestions for your upcoming trip:

  • Riding the Ferris wheel: This is quite an adventurous and exciting activity in amusement parks. Tourists can join in the experience of a ride to see the panoramic view of the theme park.
  • Taking the cable car: Taking the cable car is an entertaining and thrilling activity that gives visitors the feeling of floating between the sky and the ground. At some amusement parks, tourists can admire the panoramic view of the local scenery from above.
  • Riding the roller coaster: The roller coaster ride is an entertainment activity for thrill-seekers. Tourists will experience the sensation of flying through amazing twists and heights.
  • Visiting botanical gardens: Some amusement parks provide botanical gardens with diverse plants and flowers. It provides a green space for tourists to stroll and relax.
  • Participating in sports activities: Some amusement parks provide soccer, basketball, volleyball, and other sports activities for tourists to participate and enjoy.
  • Participating in cultural activities: Performances, live music, and other cultural activities are often organized at amusement parks during holidays and weekends.
  • 5D simulation games: 5D entertainment games are an educational activity that allows tourists to participate in exciting and unique simulation games.
  • Haunted houses: For those who love the feeling of horror and adventure, haunted houses are the most exciting entertainment activity. Tourists will be taken to a terrifying, eerie environment with sound, light, and strange phenomena.

Tips for visiting the best theme park in Vietnam

Vietnam’s best travel destinations will help you have a great trip. However, knowing some useful tips will make your trip more enjoyable. Refer to some of the tips below:

  • Check the weather: Before heading to the theme park, check the weather to choose appropriate clothing and avoid being affected by the weather.
  • Arrive early: You can avoid long queues and enjoy more activities if you arrive early.
  • Buy tickets in advance: To avoid long waits, you can buy tickets in advance through the theme park’s website or travel agencies.
  • Choose the right day to visit: Avoid going on holidays or weekends when the theme park may be overcrowded, leading to long queues.
  • Adjust your visiting hours: If you go in the summer, go in the morning or afternoon to avoid the heat and stay healthy.
  • Bring enough water and food: Many theme parks allow you to bring food or drinks. Otherwise, you can buy water and food right in the dining area. This can help you save costs and feel more comfortable during the fun.
  • Use protective gear: When participating in activities such as water slides, train rides, or adventure games, use protective gear to ensure your safety.
  • Keep children safe: If you are traveling with children, keep them safe by closely monitoring them and ensuring they have full protective gear.
  • Pay attention to the theme park regulations: Before entering the theme park, read the regulations carefully to avoid violations and being suspended from participating in activities.
  • Take commemorative photos: Finally, don’t forget to bring a camera or phone to take great souvenir photos on your vacation.

Vietnam's best travel destinations will help you have a great trip

Who can help me get to the best theme park in Vietnam?

If you have found the best theme park in Vietnam, you can start planning an exciting trip. However, if this is your first time traveling to Vietnam, you should turn to travel agencies.

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