Have you ever visited Halong Bay – a World Heritage Site? Halong cruise tours are one of the travel experiences that any visitor to Vietnam should try. Luxurious and fully-equipped boats will help you see more magnificent natural landscapes. In addition to sightseeing, you can also enjoy many other exciting services.

Let’s go through the top cruises in Halong through the shares below!

Halong cruise tours

Ha Long Bay And Impressive Cruises

Known as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Halong Bay is truly a wonder of geology, culture, and history. This natural wonder has over 1,600 small and large islands emerging from the water’s surface. Therefore, it is an attractive destination for foreign tourists.

The mysterious creation of nature has created dreamlike landscapes. Visitors worldwide can participate in exciting activities such as cave exploration, swimming, island sightseeing, and a diverse cuisine menu.

Cruising in Halong Bay is a fantastic experience visitors should not miss when visiting this destination. The cruise tour allows visitors to explore the most natural beauty landscapes of Halong Bay. You will experience everything from stunning limestone islands to strange caves.

In addition, visitors can experience life on board, admire the scenery, and relax, enjoying high-class facilities and services. Local specialties are always ready to serve on the boat. Halong Bay cruise tour services are now highly developed.

Visitors can also choose longer sea voyages to have more experiences. Halong Bay cruise 2 nights is not a bad choice for you to have more time to enjoy. Visitors can participate in many exciting activities during the day, such as scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, visiting fishing villages, games on the boat, etc.

If you do not like too much noise, you can choose private spots on the boat to enjoy nature in peace. No one can disturb you while immersing yourself in nature.

We will share more in the following section to help you find the best Halong cruise tours.

Top Best Halong Cruise Tour For Your Dream Vacation

The following list of Halong Bay cruise day tours will help you make a suitable choice. Going on a cruise is relatively easy if you really want to experience it. Find the best answer:

Scarlet Pearl Cruise – The Best Halong Cruise Tour

The Scarlet Pearl Cruise has the appearance of a luxury yacht and officially started operating in 2019. The Scarlet Pearl can accommodate up to 66 passengers, nearly 50 crew members, and ship staff.

The design of cruise is divided into 4 floors with different utility areas. On the cruise, you have 23 spacious rooms with many room categories.

The 4 main room categories include:

  • Silver Pearl
  • Golden Pearl
  • Onyx Pearl
  • Scarlet Pearl

All rooms have a private balcony with beautiful views of Ha Long Bay. The designer was inspired by the architectural art of Northern Vietnam to include in the interior. 

In addition, there are simple yet delicate lines of Western architecture, especially the classical charm of Norway. Moreover, the cruise also has a restaurant area, bar, spa, gym, and exhibition area.

When choosing to travel on this cruise, you will discover Lan Ha Bay on Cat Ba Island as well as participate in interesting experience activities at each location. With the journey on the Scarlet Pearl cruise, you will have exciting experiences.

The Scarlet Pearl Cruise has the appearance of a luxury yacht

Capella Cruise

The 5-star international standard Halong Capella Cruise is a new masterpiece on Lan Ha Bay. It owns a system of 30 luxury bedrooms, entertainment rooms, and functions such as massage, gym, cinema room, poker room, hot tub, and swimming pool. All will bring you the best things for a trip here!

Halong Bay Capella Cruise is also a large-sized cruise ship with a classical architectural design according to the Indochinese style. However, the luxury and sophistication still exude, bringing true class to tourists.

On the cruise, there is a swimming pool and mini golf course, a symphony of beauty and function, of modernity and classicism. Tourists will see the perfect combination of vintage-style wooden interior and modern exterior.

30 spacious bedrooms on 5 floors of the cruise are equipped with modern and delicate amenities, bringing tourists a unique experience. The rooms are spacious with full amenities. Each room also has a large balcony area and glass windows for admiring the scenery outside.

Many interesting activities in the Ha Long Bay tour will be organized on the cruise. All you need to do is book tickets and start your journey now!

Halong Bay Capella Cruise is also a large-sized cruise ship

Heritage Cruise Binh Chuan – The Best Halong Cruise Tour

The international luxury Heritage Binh Chuan Cat Ba Cruise is inspired by the story of Bach Thai Buoi from the past. When you come to the 5-star Heritage Halong Cruise, you will feel the sophistication in the design. 

It recreates cultural and historical features that harmoniously blend through high-class and professional services.

Designed in Indochinese style, every detail on the Heritage Cruise is meticulously cared for to create harmony with the overall structure of the cruise ship. You will feel the premium quality emanating from the artistic and cultural designs.

This cruise ship has 4 floors, of which 3 floors are equipped with a system of 20 high-class resort rooms. There are 4 standard room types on the cruise ship, each designed according to different sizes.

The cruise ship has 20 VIP rooms on the 1st and 2nd floors. All have private bathrooms, panoramic windows, reception areas, and wide sea views from a spacious balcony. Each room is fully equipped with outdoor furniture to enjoy infinite space with nature.

Other amenities include a free minibar (replenished daily) and 24-hour room service. You can come to these hotspots with your friends and family. The professional staff will serve you the way you want.

Paradise Cruise

Suppose you want a fantastic Halong Bay cruise, head to Paradise Cruise to discover the beauty that is a good choice. Paradise Cruise was launched in late 2017 with 31 rooms. The cruise ship is considered the largest and most modern at launch.

This is an ideal choice for travelers looking for a truly luxurious cruise. A modern ship with a beautiful design that carries the contemporary style of Vietnam. The Paradise Elegance cruise ship is made of steel and designed meticulously to bring a truly luxurious vacation to the bay.

Travelers will experience live Piano music, world-class Spa service, professional service, and a perfect dinner with full options. The Paradise Cruise ship is likened to a work of art, a delicate and ideal experience on Halong Bay.

This cruise ship brings you many great experiences while traveling to explore the beautiful Halong Bay. The Paradise Cruise itinerary starts from Tuan Chau port. Then, tourists will be taken to interesting destinations such as Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Dau Go Cave, Me Cung Cave, and Soi Sim Island.

The Paradise Cruise ship is likened to a work of art

Stellar of the Seas Cruise

The Stellar of the Seas Cruise welcomes you to a new contemporary luxury experience. It is one of the most unique and modern cruises in Halong Bay – launched in 2018.

The cruise ship features 22 luxurious rooms with fully modern equipment and premium entertainment facilities, including a restaurant, open bar, golf course, four-season swimming pool, wine cellar, and spa massage room.

The Stellar of the Seas is the first cruise ship with an outdoor swimming pool and a golf course. The cruise ship looks like a beautiful gem floating on Halong Bay.

Moreover, when you come to the Stellar of the Seas, you can participate in exciting activities such as kayaking, squid fishing, cycling, cooking classes on board, etc. This journey is not just a sea tour but also a unique experience with an exciting itinerary.

You will have an unforgettable vacation with many attractive experiences through the professional service of the staff on board. Surely, you will have a great cruise trip with luxurious amenities and fascinating nature.

The Stellar of the Seas Cruise welcomes you to a new contemporary luxury experience

Orchid Classic Cruise

If you want to have a cruise ship tour to discover pristine nature and amazing things, you should not miss the Orchid Classic Cruise. The Orchid Cruise pioneered the Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay discovery routes.

The pristine natural area on this route will help you discover more interesting points about nature. The cruise ship meets 5-star standards with many modern and luxurious amenities to please guests. They always strive to improve and upgrade the quality of their services to serve customers better.

You can explore the world heritage with the Orchid Cruise. Surely, you will have the opportunity to discover remote areas and less traveled routes such as Trung Trang Cave, Frog Pond Area, Viet Hai Village, etc.

The cruise ship has 14 bedrooms with King Size Beds and a private balcony for each room. The common living area is spacious, especially with a professional staff team that can serve you anytime.

Surely, the Orchid Classic Cruise will bring a relaxing vacation for tourists to Halong Bay.

Ambassador Cruises – The Best Halong Cruise Tour

Ambassador Cruises is one of the most popular Halong luxury day tour & cruise advisors many people choose today. The cruise owns a truly high-quality service that is well known.

Ambassador is the first cruise to apply the Michellin-starred chef’s two-star menu. They are proud to serve over 40 famous dishes prepared by Chef John with European and Asian flavors.

Moreover, the cruise is famous for its unique evening entertainment services with a Brazilian Jazz band and professional butler services. With the operation of a leading cruise company, they will bring a great experience to premium services at a reasonable price.

The itinerary of the cruise is also arranged very uniquely. Tourists will be arranged to visit the most attractive and wonderful destinations in Halong Bay. You can explore many different caves by smaller vehicles like kayaks or sampans.

Tourists can also visit islands like Soi Sim or climb to the top of Titop for more interesting experiences. Discovering the entire Halong Bay World Heritage Site is no longer difficult.

Ambassador Cruises is one of the most popular Halong luxury day tour

La Regina Legend Cruise

La Regina Legend Cruise has a modern design style combining many different utility services. The characteristic of this cruise is its luxury and extravagance. They offer the best experiences for their guests on their journey.

The cruise has 27 resort rooms with many different room types. The cruise owns a restaurant system serving Halong specialties and delicious dishes from Asia to Europe. 

Besides, the professional staff is always ready to meet visitors’ requirements. You will go from Got Pier to Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island on this cruise.

The itinerary is invested, unique, and different, bringing customers new and impressive experiences. Tourists can interact with local people and learn many traditional cultural values in the area.

Each room has a balcony and a spacious bathroom with both bathtub and standing shower options. It meets the needs of customers of all ages. The VIP room is very spacious and luxurious, designed like an apartment. 

The special duplex room has a large lobby, good reception for guests, and outdoor activities have space to wait comfortably.

The restaurant has an open kitchen for customers to chat and directly see the chef cook in a luxurious style. Delicious dishes are made from fresh ingredients upon the customer’s request.

Dubbed the Queen of the Green Bay, La Regina Legend cruise ship will be the most upscale and luxurious choice for VIP customers when visiting and staying overnight in Lan Ha Bay and Halong Bay.

What Should Be Noted When Booking Halong Cruise Tour?

When booking Halong cruise tours, you should note the following things to have a fun and safe trip:

  • Choose a reputable travel agency: You should research the travel agency before booking the tour. Check previous customer feedback, protection policies, cancellation policies, and prices.
  • Choose the time and season: Halong has many different cruise tours, from short-day tours to longer ones. Choose a suitable time for your itinerary and the best tourism season to enjoy the beautiful scenery.
  • Read the travel agency’s policies carefully: Before booking the tour, read the policies on cancellation carefully, customer protection, additional fees, etc., to avoid inconvenience during the trip.
  • Provide accurate information: When booking the tour, provide complete and accurate information so the travel agency can contact you if necessary.
  • Prepare appropriate clothing: You should prepare suitable clothing for the trip, such as jackets, sports shoes, and comfortable clothes for easy movement on the boat.
  • Refer to prices: Halong Bay tour prices depend on each service provider. However, you should research carefully before getting the service worth the money. If you find it challenging to research, you can go to a travel agency.

Should I Use A Travel Agent On My Vacation?

If you are visiting Halong Bay for the first time, finding an experienced and reputable travel agency is recommended. They can use their knowledge and experience to help you find a suitable Halong cruise tour.

Athai Travel is an experienced and reputable travel company in the tourism industry in Vietnam. They have many years of experience in organizing tours in Halong Bay. You can find their best suggestions for 3-hour boat tours or more.

The company always commits to providing quality service with a professional and enthusiastic staff. They will ensure a great travel experience on the cruise ship in Halong Bay. Any questions you may have will also be promptly and fully answered.

We hope that through our sharing in this article, you will have a great Halong cruise tour!

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