If you are looking for an exciting experience while traveling in Vietnam, try the traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam. A traditional handicraft market is where you can find unique handmade products imbued with local culture.

We will take you to discover famous traditional handicraft market tours in this article. Surely this tour will bring you wonderful and meaningful travel experiences.

If you are looking for an exciting experience while traveling in Vietnam, try the traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam

1. Top 8 traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam

Traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam is attractive, awe-inspiring destinations. Here is a list that may interest you.

Bat Trang Pottery Market

Bat Trang Pottery Market is a traditional handicraft market in Vietnam. This market is located in the traditional craft village of Bat Trang, Hanoi. The whole market mainly sells terracotta, pottery, and porcelain products.

As a handicraft village over 500 years old, Bat Trang pottery village has many of the traditional cultures of the local Vietnamese town. This is also a great place for those who want to witness the creation of traditional local ceramic products.

Visitors here experience not only shopping in the market but also creating attractive ceramic products themselves. There are also quite a few beautiful scenes in this traditional craft village that you can visit.

Bat Trang Market is where you can find various products, including designs, sizes, etc. In the pottery market, there are many stalls selling many interesting objects. You can find many souvenirs, such as dishes, worship items, decorations, cups, etc. They all have their own unique characteristics.

These products are created by artisans with many years of experience. Visitors can observe the process of kneading and shaping pottery right in the yard. In the pottery market, there will be large courtyards.

In addition to admiring the products, you can take photos of traditional products, especially the ceramic wall. There are many beautiful ceramic products available on the stalls. If you know how to take advantage of it, it’s a great backdrop for a photo.

Bat Trang Pottery Market is the most attractive traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam that you should try. There are many wonderful art products here. Besides seeing or buying them, you can also participate in the production process.

You can read more about traditional craft villages in Vietnam to better understand its diversity.

Bat Trang Pottery Market

Dinh Yen Mat Market – Dong Thap 

Dinh Yen mat village, Dong Thap, is known as the “cradle” of the famous traditional mat weaving throughout Vietnam. There are many tours to this site because of the attraction that comes from the production of handmade mats.

Dinh Yen mat village was formed hundreds of years ago. Located next to the Hau River, this land has many dunes and alluvial soils to develop raw materials, such as dandelion and strabismus, to make products.

The natives do not know when the craft village existed. According to researchers, the inhabitants of Dinh Yen Mat village are originally from the northern coastal plain. When entering the South, the exiles brought the traditional craft of mat weaving.

When coming to Yen Dinh mat village, the best place that you should come to experience is the traditional mat village here. The market has an extraordinary way of matching, bringing many surprises to visitors. Here is the national handicraft society.

Previously, Dinh Yen Mat village was best known as Cho Mat (ghost market). Because the market meets at night, lasts about 2 hours and then closes the market. The starting time of the market group is not stable.

This is a unique traditional culture of the Dinh Yen people. Although it is a market, the mat market is unlike any other market in Vietnam.

Although people now have market meetings during the day, the beauty of the night market still leaves visitors with many unforgettable impressions if you have a traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam to this market.

Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market 

Referring to fabrics, we cannot ignore the Soai Kinh Lam fabric market in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City. This is the place to focus on natural fabric products and handicrafts typical of the people of the South, produced and crafted by hand.

Currently, the Soai Kinh Lam market has over 500 cloth stalls. Perhaps the first impression when you enter the market is the huge clothing space. You may feel overwhelmed by the stalls. This market for handmade products also has many special fabric stalls.

At Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market, you can find a variety of fabrics such as silk, linen, brocade, lychee, hemp, knitted fabric, brocade fabric, etc. The fabrics at this market are made from natural materials, woven, and hand-crafted by local artisans.

In addition, Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market is also a place for you to find other handicraft products such as clothes, bags, scarves, pillows, cushions, etc. In particular, the products made from natural fibers in this market are highly appreciated for their durability and quality.

Soai Kinh Lam Fabric Market is where you can shop for natural fiber products and unique handicrafts. This traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam also helps you to understand more about the trade of fabric materials used in the garments in this country.

This is the place to focus on natural fabric products

Phu Khe Wood Market – Bac Ninh

Unlike other traditional markets, Phu Khe wood market, Tu Son City (Bac Ninh) only sells rare and precious woods; such as rosewood, incense, and iron. The market is very special when it only sells raw wood and some woodwork.

At Phu Khe Wood Market, visitors can find a variety of raw wood, such as slabs, boxwood, and, Longwood; that are purchased from many different regions in the country. In addition, this market is especially famous for high-quality and diverse woods such as blackwood, spokes, and teak.

Various types of wood are sold on more than 500 stalls. The seller clearly states prices. If you are interested in the wooden crafts materials, you can ask the seller.

In addition to trading in raw wood, Phu Khe Wood Market is also an attractive cultural and tourist destination for those interested in traditional wooden art and architecture. Visitors can explore handmade products and learn about traditional Vietnamese wood carving and woodworking techniques.

This traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam will help you discover more about the art of wood architecture in Vietnam. Visitors can experience the largest wood market in the North of Vietnam.

At Phu Khe Wood Market, visitors can find a variety of raw wood

Hoa Hao Leather Market

Hoa Hao Leather Market is one of the largest markets in Saigon, built in the 1950s on Thap Muoi Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City. The market has become an important shopping and cultural center of the city, attracting many visitors.

At Hoa Hao Leather Market, visitors can find various products such as clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, home appliances, food and children’s toys. The market has many high-quality products for sale at reasonable prices. This place is loved by many locals to shop. The market’s highlights include fashion clothing, souvenirs, leather goods, and handmade products.

However, Hoa Hao Leather Market is a shopping place and an exciting tourist destination to discover the typical culture of Saigon people. The market’s highlight is the variety of products and the mix of different cultures.

Visitors can find products designed and manufactured in the Asian – European – American style and typical Vietnamese products.

Not only interesting products, the market also gives visitors a lively and colorful space. The atmosphere at Hoa Hao Leather Market is always bustling with street musicians’ laughter and guitar sounds; thereby creating an extremely lively and dynamic atmosphere.

At Hoa Hao Leather Market, visitors can find various products

Dong Xuan Market

If you want to explore the traditional craft market in Hanoi, you should not miss Dong Xuan Market. This place can bring many special shopping experiences for you. With a large area and various products, Dong Xuan Market is an ideal shopping place for tourists exploring local culture and life.

Dong Xuan Market was built in 1889-1890, and this is one of the first markets in Hanoi. Initially, the market only sold fresh items such as vegetables, meat, seafood and handmade products.

However, with the development of the market, Dong Xuan Market has expanded to more stalls selling clothes, shoes, bags, watches, home appliances and many other items.

People divide the market into many different areas to trade and customers to find and buy products more efficiently. The area specializing in selling all kinds of pets and ornamental birds will be at the back of the market. In the North, there will be eateries serving both day and night.

All bring a bustling and diverse atmosphere. Visitors who want to experience the bustling traditional market will surely enjoy this market. You can also choose to buy a wide range of Vietnam handicraft products.

Dong Xuan Hanoi market operates daily from 6 am to 6 pm. Vendors will come to the market earlier to display their goods. However, the food street of this market will be open until 22:30. On weekends, the market can meet until later.

This traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam brings visitors a global craft market experience. It will surely make you feel satisfied with many interesting items.

Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market has exceptional architecture, so it is considered a symbol of Saigon. Part of the reason is that it has been around for over 100 years and has stuck with the locals. Although it has been remodeled many times; it still retains the old architectural features and is a favorite check-in place for tourists whenever they have the opportunity to set foot in Saigon.

Here, visitors can find handicraft products and many other exciting items. This market specializes in retail and has an area of up to 13,000 m2, including more than 1450 different stalls. Sellers can provide you with various handcrafted items from high end to casual.

From morning to night, Ben Thanh’s market is always busy. It’s really hard to find a stall selling the right products because there are so many stalls. Finding an experienced guide to go to the market with you is best to find what you want. Most markets and stalls have announcements. You can rely on that to search.

Ben Thanh Market includes 4 main doors and 12 side doors, radiating in 4 directions, and each direction has a typical item, specifically:

  • The South Gate of Ben Thanh Market (the main door of the market) specializes in fabrics, clothes, dry food, etc., meanwhile
  • The North Gate of Ben Thanh Market is a place for food, raw food and fresh fruit.
  • The East Gate of Ben Thanh Market is a paradise of confectionery, snacks and cosmetics.
  • West Gate of Ben Thanh Market is where you can buy shoes, souvenirs or handicrafts.

All fair trade crafts activities are very busy, so you can rest assured of enjoying the traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam.

Ben Thanh Market has exceptional architecture, so it is considered a symbol of Saigon

Quang Ba Flower Market (Quang An)

Quang An Flower Market is a gathering place of hundreds of flowers from large fresh granaries in Hanoi. People will be overwhelmed with colorful flowers, from ordinary to imported varieties.

This traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam will help you learn more about popular flowers. Quang An flower market operates all day, but the most vibrant is at night.

Around 23 o’clock, the flower market started to get busy when the trucks carrying fresh flowers “docked.” Just a few minutes after clearing the goods, the wholesalers began to come and store the goods. An ample space becomes illuminated by all kinds of electric lights; from high-voltage lamps to the lights of the stalls to the flashlights of flower buyers.

In the last days of the year, when Tet comes and spring comes, the Quang An flower market is multiplied in size. From the full moon of December, the whole way from Nghi Tam Street to Au Co Street is full of flowers, ornamental kumquats, and peaches.

With a large space, Quang An Flower Market attracts many tourists and locals to visit, buy fresh flowers and decorate Tet. Quang An flower market flowers are rich and diverse, from apricot flowers, peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, orchids, etc.

Visitors can admire the handmade trade show from the artisans in the market. They will directly bouquet for you if you need to order.

Quang An Flower Market attracts many tourists and locals to visit

2. Must-do when visiting Traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam

Visitors can participate in many interesting activities and learn about the local culture when visiting the traditional handicraft markets. Here are some recommended activities when visiting traditional handicraft markets:

Shopping for handicrafts

This is the main activity when visiting traditional handicraft markets. Visitors can find unique, beautiful, and highly cultural handicraft products.

If you love art and creativity, try to learn and buy handmade products at the market stalls. The locals are very enthusiastic, they can recommend you according to your requirements.

Enjoy local cuisine

Traditional handicraft markets often have many stalls selling food and local specialties. Guests can enjoy typical regional dishes and learn about the local culinary culture.

The dishes are also very diverse, so you can choose according to your preferences. Usually, they will have very distinct flavor characteristics. Your experience of traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam will become more special.

Learn about local history and culture

Handicraft markets are often built long ago and have high historical and cultural value. Visitors can tour the stalls and structures surrounding the market to learn about local history and culture.

These traditional craft markets have been around for a long time. Many interesting historic and cultural markers accompany its age. You can ask locals or guides for more amazing things.

Participate in cultural activities

Handicraft markets will often have certain periods of cultural activities during the year. This is a great time to have a deeper experience in this traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam.

If you can go to traditional markets in Vietnam, consider choosing this special time.

Visit historical sites and scenic spots

In addition to cultural stalls and activities, traditional handicraft markets are often located near historical sites and scenic spots. Visitors can spend more time discovering more about the culture and features of these traditional markets.

Learn about the production process of handicraft products

Visitors can visit the booths and watch the artisans at work to understand the production process of handicraft products better. This will help you appreciate the product’s value and learn about the craftsmanship and quintessence of the craft.

3. Who can help you have a great trip?

Visitors may remember Vietnam through famous tourist destinations such as Ha Long or Phu Quoc. However, some peaceful traditional craft markets offer completely different rustic experiences.

This traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam really gives visitors a deeper knowledge of the local people. Traditional crafting techniques also make you feel more excited about the upcoming trip.

So, besides tourist hotspots, you should visit some of these traditional craft villages. They bring culture, history, and a more realistic view of the daily life of the old rural people.

If you need a traditional handicraft market tour in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact Athai Travel – one of Vietnam’s most prestigious travel companies. The company can provide you with a variety of tailor-made attractive traditional handicraft market tours.

The staff will enthusiastically advise all details about the itinerary and location.

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