Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you want to play in the best golf tour in Vietnam? The list below will help you have a fantastic Vietnam golf trip.

Golf is a sport that has developed in Vietnam in recent years. Currently, Vietnam has about 30 golf courses built and operated nationwide. Golf courses in Vietnam are often designed to international standards and have good quality, including beautiful landscapes and a variety of entertainment destinations. Let’s explore below!

the best golf course in Vietnam

Top Best Golf Tour in Vietnam

Our list of the best golf course in Vietnam below could be one of your great destinations. Famous high-quality Vietnam golf tours are spread throughout the country from Hanoi to Saigon.

Dalat Palace Golf Club – The oldest golf course in Vietnam

Da Lat Palace Golf Club is one of Vietnam’s top golf courses and is considered one of Asia’s most beautiful golf courses. It is also the oldest golf course in Da Lat, designed by a French architect in the 1920s. This golf course is associated with many political events in the country and is also the golf course that King Bao Dai used in the 1920s.

This golf course has a total area of up to 6,500 yards with 18 holes and is designed by a French architect. With a geographical location of 1,500 meters above sea level; the golf course has a cool climate all year round and a beautiful landscape with hills and lakes. This is a golf course where players face many challenges with diverse terrain landscapes and obstacles such as lakes, streams, and hills.

In addition to playing golf, the golf course also provides convenient services such as restaurants, bars, and a gym. If you want to relax after playing golf, you can go to the health and beauty center at the golf course to enjoy professional relaxation therapies and massages.

With a beautiful view overlooking the famous Xuan Huong Lake, Dalat Palace Golf Course comforts players in a dreamy natural space. The professionally trained staff, optimal golf space, and antique design style are the highlights of this place.

Dalat Palace Golf Club is an ideal destination for those who love and want to play golf in Vietnam.

Dalat Palace Golf Course comforts players in a dreamy natural space

  • Location: 2 Tran Nhan Tong Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City, Lam Dong.

Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club

Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is a world-class golf course in Chuong My, Hanoi. Korean architect, Ahn Moon Hwan, designed the golf course.

The golf course covers an area of over 7000 yards with 36 holes on both courses. It is designed in a links style, including dunes and water reservoir systems. Currently, the course has two distinct areas:

  • Sky Course: With a length of 7,331 yards, it has a moderate difficulty level and is open to all players. 6 golfers can play together to make the game more exciting.
  • Lake Course: With a length of 7,557 yards, it is rated as Vietnam’s most challenging golf course. Therefore, the course is only reserved for special members.

In addition, we must remember the unique design of this golf course. The design was inspired by Vietnam’s victory at Dien Bien Phu. Therefore, hole 15 on the Sky Course is named “Dien Bien Phu”. The golf hole is also designed in the shape of Hill A1 in the most glorious battle in history.

With its geographical location and beautiful natural landscape, Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club provides golfers with a world-class, challenging golfing experience. The golf course is also fully equipped with facilities such as bars, restaurants, gyms, and spas. Here, golf tour in Vietnam provide golfers with the most interesting and convenient experiences.

Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club is also highly appreciated by golf professionals. The course has hosted many international golf tournaments, such as:

  • The DNSE Vietnam Open 2022
  • National Club Golf Championship 2014
  • National Amateur Golf Championship 2015
  • KLPGA Winter Tour 20

If you love this sport and are looking for the best golf tour in Hanoi, Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club will be an excellent choice.

Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club

  • Location: Van Son Lake Area, Chuong My, Hanoi.

Phoenix Golf Resorts

Phoenix Golf Resorts is one of the famous golf courses in Vietnam, located about 38km from the Hanoi center. This course is designed and built to international standards, with an impressively scenic landscape based on the mountains. With an area of up to 311.7 hectares, the course has a natural terrain that harmonizes with the surrounding nature.

Phoenix Golf Resorts comprises two 18-hole golf courses and a 9-hole golf course, namely Phoenix Course, Champion Course, and Dragon Course. The three courses make up a total of 54 playing holes. The golf course is designed with sand hills and a system of water reservoirs, creating a beautiful and challenging landscape for golfers.

The resort has up to 190 accommodation rooms and relaxation services such as massage rooms, banquet rooms, swimming pools, and dance and sports rooms. This Vietnam golf tourism can provide a complete and comfortable golfing experience for golfers.

Phoenix Golf Resorts is also where large golf tournaments or Golf Holidays are often held in Vietnam. Overall, Phoenix Golf Resorts is an international-class golf course with beautiful architecture, stunning scenery, and full amenities.

If you are a golfer looking for a world-class golf course to experience, Phoenix Golf Resorts would be an excellent choice.

  • Location: Lam Son, Luong Son, Hoa Binh

Van Tri Golf Club 

Van Tri is one of the Vietnam golf clubs that many domestic and international golfers love. You can unleash beautiful golf shots with a large area and unique terrain. The course length is 6,700 yards from the green tee and the champion tee is 7,200 yards, giving you more space.

Peter Rousseau designed the Van Tri golf course with 18 holes that bring players unique experiences. This golf club is only 20km from the city center and 4km from the Hanoi – Noi Bai expressway. You can quickly move to the city center and start your next journey.

The highlight of the Van Tri golf course is the beautiful natural landscape combined with water, sand, grass, and trees. An endless green color surrounds the space, making players comfortable, relaxing, and peaceful.

Van Tri is a private golf course only for club members, and the number of members is limited to 400. You can choose golf-packaged tours based on the prices set by the club. The club’s conditions aim to provide the best experience for its members.

No matter what level of golfer you are, you can experience a professional and challenging golfing environment. Your Vietnam golf tour at the first international standard golf course in Vietnam, located in Kim No, Dong Anh, Hanoi, will undoubtedly be amazing.

The highlight of the Van Tri golf course is the beautiful natural landscape

  • Location: Kim No, Dong Anh, Hanoi

Bluffs Golf 

CourseIf you are preparing for the South East Vietnam golf tour, you should not miss The Bluffs Golf. The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip Golf is a golf course located at The Grand Ho Tram Strip Resort, not far from Ho Chi Minh City. Golf legend Greg Norman designed this golf course and has been honored with many awards, including: 

  • Highest Rated Golf Course in Vietnam
  • Best Golf Course in Asia Pacific

The Bluffs is truly an ideal place for golfers to push their limits. The course has a links style with unique natural sand dunes winding along the coast and challenging the players to conquer it.

The golf course has 18 holes, designed based on the natural terrain of the dunes next to the beach. The open areas are maximized, with golf holes interspersed with natural forests and sand traps. Golfers feel immersed in nature, with a relaxed, refreshing, and cool spirit.

After a round of golf, golfers can recharge and enjoy moments of relaxation at the Infinity restaurant. The Infinity restaurant satisfies guests with a diverse menu prepared by a 5-star chef, from traditional Vietnamese dishes to unique European, Thai, and Korean-style dishes.

Players can browse the shop at the clubhouse building along with the upscale restaurant area. Here, the latest golf equipment from famous sports brands is fully provided.

You can explore the spacious multi-purpose room area of over 150m2 with a view of the golf course and a panoramic view of the coastline from above. The VIP dining room area is fully equipped with luxury amenities.

In addition, the locker room area is spacious and meets the golfers’ desires. The locker area for men has 148 lockers and 18 shower rooms with a rain shower. The area for women includes lockers, a dressing table, and a separate changing room.

  • Location: Ven Bien, Phuoc Thuan, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

How long is a tour in Vietnam?

The length of your golf tour in Vietnam will depend on the ability, time, and budget you have. You can spend 8 days on a unique tour itinerary in Vietnam. For golf enthusiasts, spending at least one day for a better relaxation experience is recommended.

Golf in Vietnam is rapidly developing, and you can experience 3 tours in Vietnam. For an excellent golf tour, even if it is your first time in Vietnam, you can contact A Thai Travel. They offer the best tour packages and suggestions at affordable prices. The company works with high-end golf courses, such as Golflux or Vietnam Luxury Golf Tour.

With the guide, you can refer to some golf tours such as Saigon Golf Tour, Northern Vietnam Golf, Golf Tour Malaysia, etc. Golf tour in Saigon will have many attractive destinations:

  • Tan Son Nhat Golf Course
  • Thu Duc Golf Course
  • Him Lam Golf Course
  • Sunshine Driving Range Golf Course
  • Phu My Hung Golf Course

Golf in Vietnam is truly diverse and unique. The most significant advantage is the awe-inspiring natural scenery. You will feel everything as naturally formed and already so beautiful.

the Best Golf Tour Operator in Vietnam

How to Find the Best Golf Tour Operator in Vietnam?

Golf in Vietnam is booming, leading to many choices for tourists. The professionalism of the tour operator can help enhance your experience.

How to Find the Best Golf Tour Operator

Here are some ways to find the best golf tour in Vietnam:

  • Search on websites: You can use search tools such as Google to find golf tour operators in Vietnam. When searching, use keywords related to golf tours. Then, you can access the website of those golf tour operators to learn more information, including policies, prices, and reviews from previous customers.
  • Refer from partners and friends: You can ask for opinions from partners, colleagues, or friends who have participated in golf tours. They can introduce you to reputable and reliable golf tour operators that they have experienced.
  • Refer to review websites: Many websites are dedicated to reviewing and comparing golf tour operators. You can search for websites like Tripadvisor, Golf Advisor to read reviews from customers who have experienced it.
  • Join golf clubs: If you are a golfer, join golf clubs to learn more about golf tour operators. You can meet and interact with other golfers, and they may introduce you to golf tour operators they have experienced.

How to choose the best golf tour operator

To choose the best golf tour operator, you can refer to the following tips:

  • Location and Accessibility: Choose a golf course location that suits your criteria and transportation abilities. You can choose a golf course near Hanoi if you have a trip there. A golf course that is convenient for transportation can save you time and help you relax more.
  • Conditions and Facilities: This is very important for professional golfers or those who love this sport. You need to consider the quality of the golf course that the tour operator provides to ensure that it meets the requirements of the players.
  • Customer Service: When traveling, you need support services such as tour guides, shuttle services, or customer support in emergencies. Therefore, you need to choose units with good customer support services.
  • Something Special: Something unique about the golf course you are about to participate in will excite you. The trip can bring surprises and special experiences to you.
  • Food and Beverages: Food and drinks are also essential factors to pay attention to. During break time, a drink or a sweet cake that suits your taste can make you happier.
  • A Challenging Golf Course: For professional golfers, a challenging golf course will make them more excited. You need to try harder to overcome your limits.
  • Tour Packages and Prices: This is an essential factor when looking for a golf tour operator. You need to consider whether the tour package has full services such as accommodation, food, and transportation and whether the price is reasonable and suitable for your needs.

Athai Travel – A reputable travel agency in Vietnam

Vietnam travel is expanding to welcome more foreign tourists this year. Finding a good travel agency is the right decision if you want the best Vietnam tour. It will be easier to find a golf tour in Vietnam. A company specializing in professional tourism services can help you minimize risks in a foreign country.

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